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Jag fick under “adventsöppetsöndagen” en stor dos respekt för de butikbiträden som slår in paket i affären, och jag förstår SÅ MYCKET varför de har sånadäringa “tråkiga” viklådor till det mesta. 257 more words


Keep on ..

Fortsätt sanera… Vi kolottrar bara mera.

Karl Larsson

Trying out on sale

Black Friday seems to be a shopping deal day imported from English natives to Sweden. Online shops seem to have adapted themselves to offering things on sale or give deals. 125 more words


The kid that steals

Today I took out clothes from the washing machine and one stone fell out. It was a stone from the museum shop. I didn’t watch over our kid in the store, that was my friends task and obviously our kid took advantage of that. 425 more words

Bad Things