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Inherently Me

Getting the real me across on a blog is very hard to do. It’s like when they send a teacher in to monitor another teacher’s class. 1,175 more words

Introducing the iGrow

With 20% of the population affected by hair loss or prematurely thinning #hair at some point in their life, a cure for the potential devastating effects of #baldness has long been sought after throughout the world.

Air Conditioning Unit Affected by Chinese Drywall

In mid August/September of 2010 is when everything changed for us.During the hottest time of the year is when our A/C unit decided to take a crap. 117 more words

Chinese Drywall

Happy neighborhood

(Picture is taken from the internet)

Greetings, dear reader!

I hope you are not sick of all my stories about drug addiction :)  Because I have another one! 952 more words

10 Years on Mars: How Spirit & Opportunity Affected Our Lives

Some of the team members from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover project were still in college — or even high school — when the rovers landed in 2004. 18 more words

Hair Affected by Moon Cycles

Did you know that moon cycles have a significant impact on the healthiness, length, and strength of your hair? They absolutely do! For example, according to the lunar cycles, there are some days, known as energy days, that are better days to cut/trim your hair because they boost the hair cells which increases the growing process. 25 more words


So many people in Britain will be affected by thinning hair or hair loss at some point in their lives.

In a bid to regrow lost #hair, people turn to creams and pills, and some will endeavour to mask the problem with hairpieces.