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inklusiv (poem)

i signed up
to be a part of
the section of
living spaces that were categorized under
the title World Cultures

how cultural!
i thought… 666 more words


hypocrite! (poem)

before i tell you if and whether i agree

that you should call that Christian a hypocrite

there are a few questions i have for you: 200 more words


His shoulders must have slumped (poem)

God’s original intent

not to suffer

not for ignorance

not for inability

not for weakness

not for sterility

not for impotence

not for hate

it was all just delightfully good… 125 more words


heroic men (poem)

i am looking

i see

i hope

a man without

a healthy mother for his children

supportive, caring, committed to his responsibilities

a man lacking… 201 more words


just throw me away (poem)

just throw me away

i am a spirit

manifest, mingling with her totipotent body

so that you can see me

with your own eyes

sensing… 112 more words