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a deeper prayer

I love this profound and beautiful expression of radical surrender from Fred LaMotte:

No Affirmation

To make affirmations of abundance expresses lack.
To pray for strength confesses weakness. 142 more words

Demystifying The Myths

Week 33: Creating positive affirmations for childbirth

Recently, I saw some photos from a birth photographer of positive affirmations hanging on a wall. They were created by the labouring mom to keep her strong and positive throughout her labour and delivery. 168 more words

You have tied the last knot in the rope…Now What?

Nothing can be done with out hope and confidence! Feeling overwhelmed?  Feeling out of control?  Feeling there is no way out? 395 more words

A Day in the Spiritual Life

Staying centered, balanced and attuned to divine will is an ongoing quest that demands daily discipline. Enlightenment is not a cumulative goal; it is as fragile as a snowflake because one careless act can melt it away. 2,072 more words

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How will I know?

Am I doing this right? How will I know?”

You will know.

I will share my experience when I reach total relaxation.

At this point of total relaxation my body goes completely numb. 109 more words

Choosing To Forgive.

  • I choose to forgive all others everywhere and at all times.

  • I choose to forgive all without exception.

  • I choose to forgive others for what has been done in the past, for what has been done in the present and for what will be done in the future.