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Affirmative Action Argument Averted

2014-12-16 – A few days ago, I narrowly escaped an argument on affirmative action in education. It was a close call.

The truth is, I wasn’t really prepared for that argument. 736 more words

Five Strategies to Combat Racism the United States Should Learn from Latin America

By: Celeste Kauffman*

Black people in Latin America and the United States share many impacts of entrenched racism and structural discrimination: higher poverty rates, exclusion from higher education, … 765 more words


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When it comes to racial inequality, both Brazil and the US have lots of catching up to do. In this guest post, Celeste Kaufman compares North and South America's respective approaches.

Our Family Tree

Before I made my final decision about where to attend graduate school, the philosopher then in charge of recruitment at one university called to inform me that he had just recruited an African American woman, in case that was of interest to me. 156 more words

President & CEO

Janet Perkins is the CEO and President of Veteran Transport Services, Inc. (VTS). Together, she and her husband Clarence W. Perkins, a recently blind veteran, are the co-founders of Veteran Transport Services, Inc. 336 more words

Living With Disabilities

White Privilege is Real - Acknowledge It

White privilege absolutely exists and it absolutely affects all races of American society.  It isn’t until you think about it that you realize it.  Obliviousness to the concept causes it to go unnoticed, but acceptance of it helps you understand and adapt to it, no matter which race you are. 528 more words

And you get an acceptance letter, and yoooou get an acceptance letter....

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
Harlan Ellison

I think that most of us can agree on Affirmative Action is a necessary part of our society, even though it sometimes can have negative connotations, it’s a form of positive discrimination..yeah I know it’s a tricky thing.

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All you need to know about African American stereotypes in 3min, 52sec.

I literally stumbled upon this video today and there are no words to express how kick a$$ it is. Actually I lied, there are words and I’m about to use them to discuss the racial themes so beautifully and accurately covered in the 3 minute and 52 second video. 452 more words