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I'm White; Everything Is My Fault, Right?

Arizona State University apparently offers a course: “The Problem of Whiteness ” for those interested. It delves into the “Hate Whitey” syndrome some and looks at the Black/White division in American society. 443 more words


Test Central

So today I may have had my last ever academic examination. I wasn’t prepared at all.

I mean, I knew the questions, and I knew the answers, but the fact of the matter was that leading up to it I was unfocused and just generally out of it. 388 more words

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Affirmative Action is Necessary.

There is a lot of talk about affirmative action; it’s unfair, it’s reverse discrimination, it does not pick the best man/woman for the job and the list goes on. 540 more words

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What's In A Black Name? Ctd

A reader writes:

An experiment I’ve always wanted to see: mail out resumes with African (e.g. Nigerian) names and see what the response would be. I’d be also curious to see if resumes were sent with photos attached of the same person with the same resume with only the names changed, say Michael Smith vs.

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The Dish

This race business

Stan “Bud” Dalton, of Hays, writes to The Salina Journal on Jan. 21, “In need of guidance.”

I’ll say.

After a good, situationist analogy between watching our common life and watching a sporting event, he questions President Obama in a murky way.  1,297 more words

Rauner vs. the skilled trades. Maybe a problem here.

Pat Hickey fires a shot of warning about Rauner:

Bruce Rauner wants the skilled trades to open up their books to him. Governor Carhartt wants to see how many minorities and veterans are in skilled trades apprenticeship programs.

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Gov. Rauner