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The Best Terrible Option?

I felt a need to take at least a short break from writing about taxes and tax policy, and because I get to choose what I write about guess what we’ll be discussing today.  1,157 more words

7 W&L students demand removal of Confederate flags, decry view of Lee's legacy

This is from The Roanoke Times.

Look closely at the title of this article it does not say the entire Washington and Lee University student body. 1,134 more words

Public higher education is not a reward for hard work

Here in California, there was a measure to officially restore affirmative action to the public university admissions process.

(The movement navigated through our state senate, but then the popular narrative is that the Asian-American community tanked it before public had a chance to vote on it. 860 more words

Should we be concerned about the number of black students at Harvard?

The news that Harvard University has accepted a record number of African-Americans gives many a reason to celebrate. With around 170 black students in its class of 2018, or 12 percent of the class, Harvard is apparently leading the way in diversity. 640 more words



Sometimes using certain words for certain things (rather than
other available alternatives) is of great social significance in terms
of both cause and effect. By way of example, here is a sneak preview of… 787 more words

Where have all the black players' gone, long time passing?

Recently on the road again and eating in another restaurant, I found myself glancing up at one of the ubiquitous television screens plastered all over the dining area. 722 more words

Social Commentary

Liberals Fall Short: System Failure

As I mentioned in part 1, I could go on ad nauseum on the pitfalls of liberal ideology, but as this is merely a three-part series, I will end it with the idea of liberals falling into the same traps as everyone else, no matter how enlightened liberal ideology might make someone feel. 1,089 more words