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The Policies the President Pro Tem Tenure of Kevin De León Could Yield

Today, in a reported $50,000 self-styled inauguration, Los Angeles-area State Senator Kevin De León becomes the new State Senate President Pro Tempore.  He’ll be the first Latino Pro Tem in 130 years and as the Senate’s leader, will guide policy for the upper legislative chamber.  603 more words

Carson Bruno

Status of German women directors degraded to be "quota directors"

German companies have a reputation for excellence. But this is being sacrificed for the sake of political correctness. Currently every woman company director in Germany can be assumed to be of exceptional competence. 804 more words



Sometimes I just want to punch people in the throat.

I’m not kidding. I truly believe that some world problems can be resolved with a quick… 668 more words

Employment Discrimination

Hello Again,

With all of the news on Ferguson, Missouri I felt it appropriate to discuss discrimination within employment. I’m talking about racial discrimination, discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender discrimination, etc. 267 more words

Would School Choice Dissolve Need for Affirmative Action?

Harvard University and the University of North Carolina are feeling the heat after an organization called Students for Fair Admissions filled lawsuits against the universities last week claiming that “…the schools use race preferences to reach a specific racial balance on campus and have failed to abide by the strict scrutiny of racial preferences required by the Supreme Court,” according to… 300 more words

Higher Education

Why Millennials Stick Their Heads In the Sand When It Comes To Racism

MTV doesn’t exactly bring research to mind, but you would be surprised. Recently, MTV has been building a public affairs campaign to address the biases of race called… 364 more words

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