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Where Do You Stand?

I’ve been challenged by Kate, a contributor to the Daily Blog, to lay out where I stand on certain issues. I am happy to do this in the interests of enabling a full and robust debate on issues of importance, but I feel that to lay out a detailed response to what is a pretty big question requires more than he 140 characters available on Twitter. 507 more words

NZ Politics

Corruption is endemic in South Africa

This will no doubt be one of many posts about the shocking levels of institutionalized corruption and crookedness of governmental sectors in South Africa.
As someone from a first world country it came as a shock how rife it is… 117 more words

Employment Nightmare for Legal Americans!! Affirmative Action is Discrimination

Of course, they would never admit it, for fear of being sued. But…don’t kid yourself…there is “age discrimination” and there is “race discrimination”…but not how you think. 597 more words


Hear No Evil

I paraphrase…why must I listen to things I don’t agree with? Thus a college student, her parents must be proud, inadvertently undermined the sustaining rationale for affirmative action: diversity. 140 more words

Political Correctness

Chiapas: SCJN calls on Chiapas state congress to modify electoral reforms to respect gender equity

On 2 October, the Supreme Court for Justice in the Nation (SCJN) released a sentence regarding electoral reform in Chiapas state that requested that the local deputies of the congress eliminate a clause so as to respect gender equity among candidates.   188 more words


Letting Go, Part II

Some time ago I wrote about “letting go” of my earliest writings (you can read that post here).  Just for the record, I still have most of those early writings, slowly rotting away on decades-old onion-skin typing paper.  194 more words

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