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Pro Sports: An American Illusion (With A Posionous Core)

The Roman emperors provided bread and circuses to anesthetize the populace; our rulers provide food stamps and professional sports. This has been a smooth transition until today’s political Left has tripped over its own contradictions. 770 more words


The Key to Personal Well-Being & Success

Each of the seven axioms listed in The Positive Paradigm Handbook has important corollaries — useful facts which follow from and depend upon the correctness of the basic axiom. 615 more words



Have you ever noticed how proud niggers are of all their dubious “accomplishments?”  Due to how much they’ve been given, they want a pat on the head just for going to their job every single day.   439 more words

Nigger Arrogance


The fault, my dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves… Shakespeare

We have been cornered into denying and disputing the full range of possibilities for developing the #Youth. 1,906 more words

Raymond Inkabi


Affirmative Action, first introduced in 1961 by then President John F. Kennedy, was meant as a temporary measure to “level the playing field” between whites and all minorities but primarily blacks. 513 more words


What Is Justice?

If I have learned anything from working on biblical justice over the last two years, it is that the word “justice” can be confusing. The problem, I believe, is that the Bible means something different by the word than we typically do in contemporary English. 1,285 more words

Global Christianity