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Start living sez Zach Sobiech in his last days

“You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living. Most people live somewhere in the middle between dream come true and you’re dying. And that’s a really comfortable place to be.” by Zach. 106 more words


How Many "Things" Do We Really Need ????

We returned home from Portland last Saturday from visiting Levi II and family after his severe hand injury.  Friday evening we checked into a hotel that was near the airport since we had an early morning flight out. 576 more words


The Perils of "Affluenza": The Magnificent Ambersons

People are outraged when they hear about someone who’s committed a crime and doesn”t get their just punishment. We’re even more outraged if that person seems to have been given everything in life, and because of their affluence or money seems above the repercussions that the rest of us could never think to escape. 32 more words


So much for Democracy

In news that isn’t really new and so doesn’t get covered much, it is still the case that policy-making in the U.S. is heavily biased towards the wealthy. 775 more words


We're All In This Together

Sculpture of Noah’s Ark outside the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC reminds me that the contribution and participation of each of us are essential to the smooth functioning of the world we share. 46 more words


Hear me ROAR

Macy’s flower show is up and this enormous, dramatic woman, made almost entirely of roses, stands inside the 6th Avenue entrance. I used to sing Helen Reddy’s song “I Am Woman” to my 3 younger brothers often and loudly. 35 more words