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Get Dressed for Halloween, Get Covered for 2015

10.31.14 Get Dressed for Halloween. 11.15.14 Get Covered for 2015

Why Get Covered?

Why #GetCovered? If not, this can be one expensive ride for you!

The Problem with Affordable Care

It’s one thing to work for a Social Services Agency, it’s another thing to be on the other side of the fence. For 2 years, I worked with homeless youth. 645 more words


Obamacare ‘bronze’ plan premiums expected to jump 14% in 2015.....

Obamacare “bronze” plan owners may be in for a shock next year. Investors predict the cheapest healthcare offering under the Affordable Care Act could jump nearly 14 percent in price. 62 more words


#amwriting How the #republican block of free #medicaid hurts all uninsured. #uniteblue #artistfordemocrats #vote 11/4

Artist,writers,seasonal workers – we all could have been covered by the medicaid expansion, but my little red hate state of Georgia, with her high unemployment and high poverty was denied the free medicaid expansion by republican state government. 270 more words

Obamacare likely to cost $300 billion more than thought – Congressional Budget Office

The real cost of Obamacare will be hundreds of billions of dollars more than expected, Republican members of the Senate Budget Committee now say, and will greatly increase the federal deficit during the next decade. 540 more words