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The one about Coachella

Two weekends every year, the number of model(s)/actor(s)/DJ(s)/blogger(s) within the state of California gets even higher, as festival goers flock to the Coachella valley, feather headdresses, shredded cut-offs and crop tops packed; entourages in tow. 251 more words


The easiest Easter cupcakes ever!

Hiya, everybody! :D It’s Easter weekend!! The bunny is coming, and bringing sugar to small children that will make them bounce even further off the walls than normal! 461 more words


The Deetz on .... Oliva Pure Olive Oil Soap

Ok so I’m all for natural products, especially after my massive skin care overhaul (I basically only use completely natural products on my face now and CAN TOTALLY SEE THE RESULTS). 273 more words


What Causes Male Hairloss?

Not only is the #iGrow accessible and affordable to both #men and #women of all ages, it is also clinically proven to offer long lasting and highly effective results!

Bats... Everywhere

Well not too long ago I had a great surprise. While removing some molding in the house, I discovered bats in my wall. Some of the siding on the house is falling, and the bats came in through the holes. 445 more words

Double Wide

Spiff up the place in no time at all!

I am always looking for little things I can do to make my house a home.  I came across this article that offers a few great little “spiff up” ideas that are quick, easy, and best of all – affordable. 431 more words


Some Skincare Shopping...

In the midst of my intense college studies, I decided to treat myself to a little skincare shopping therapy. I have a friend who works for Kiehl’s, and he always raves about their products. 104 more words