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The 'his' cosy colourway

I have been asked several times what colours I am using in my Dad’s cosy blanket, so thought I would show you with my colour pegs… 106 more words


This Cosy Journey continues

 I posted earlier in the week about my big disaster in the Christmas present crochet arena… a calamity which at any other time I would have perceived as a mishap, but at this time of year, has escalated into an undue burden, helped only in that it was as a consequence of a school girl error on my part…in short I only had myself to blame!! 219 more words


16 days to go!

Just a short update this week and here is why…..

It is with great panic that I have to report that I am still hooking the main body of this blanket, which is my Mom’s Christmas present (I have one to start for my Dad, yet, hence the panic!!) 122 more words


colour ways

This is not my idea, but how clever to keep a record of your favourite yarns and to use as a tool to make colour choices.   96 more words


Cosy Afternoon

Today I have had a lovely cosy afternoon hooking happily, listening to the radio, I will show you some pictures of that gorgeousness in a minute. 280 more words