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I've looked high and low...

Apologies for my distinct absence lately… I’ve found myself waking each morning yearning to create and yet by the time I’m home from work and the chores are done  and I have the opportunity to hook, that a severe melancholy rises up from within and my hook stays in it’s case….  341 more words


Thousands of Leaves (Haiku)

thousands of leaves…
beneath the bare maple –…
one red afghan

Written in response to “Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: Tackle it Tuesday… 72 more words

Heritage Blanket: Join no.5

We are nearly halfway. Nearly. With the exception of a small 10x10cm gap, your blanket will be 2 meter wide and 105cm tall after this round.   179 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.45

After this block, the blanket is just about halfway…. phew!  I was in the mood for some Karoo Moon hand-spun and decided to match it with a stitch pattern I am currently using for the Cloudy Days Gilet designed by Brenda Grobler.   100 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.44

Piece number 44 is our 4th signature block.  The required size of the block is 25x15cm.

For this block I used another yarn that I bought at the Yarn Indaba 2014. 192 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.43

With this piece, we are introducing a new yarn to the Heritage Blanket: Colours of Grace 10-ply cotton. I love this yarn. This hand-coloured yarn is available in so many beautiful colours, it is hard to choose. 188 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.42

With this piece, we are adding another well known crochet stitch to our blanket. The Catherine Wheel Stitch is a popular stitch and worth adding to your portfolio. 175 more words