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Heritage Blanket: Piece no.34

Surely we can’t do this blanket without a corner-to-corner in there somewhere!

Whoever came up with the corner-to-corner must be a genius!

For this piece I used African Expressions Harmony. 85 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.33

I ran out of ideas. I had a temporary lack of initiative. So I used good old Google for stitch patterns. When I saw this one, I knew it had to be in the Heritage Blanket! 134 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.31

We are making progress! One third of the blocks are done. I am not sure how many pieces the complete blanket will have – initially there were 81, but I am adjusting the lay-out as we go along. 182 more words


Heritage Blanket: Join Round 3

Finally! It is time to put some pieces together again!

Each column and each row in the diagram below represent 5cm. Take no.23 as an example – it stretches over 5 columns – 25cm wide and over 2 rows – 10cm tall. 51 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.30

No.30 kept me busy for quite a while. I started several times and ripped it every time, not liking what I saw. The problem is the size of the piece.   155 more words


Heritage Blanket: Piece no.29

Number 29 is one of those little blocks that add texture and luxury to the blanket, without much work. It’s all about the yarn and not about the stitch pattern. 49 more words

Heritage Blanket

Heritage Blanket: Piece no.28

At last! Another piece! This one is crocheted in Vinnis Serina and the stitch pattern is one of those you will keep forever and use often. 144 more words