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Drawn by light

An exhibition about photographs for photographers. This original collection perfectly represents the biggest milestones in photographic history since the beginning of it. Most of the pictures were donated by the… 321 more words

Steve McCurry: In the Shadow of Mountains

Growing up, one thing I always loved about visiting my grandmother’s house was looking through her collection of National Geographic Magazines going back into the 1930’s.   434 more words

5 Favourite Photographs

Ok, if i’m ever ‘nominated’ for anything on social media I always feel a little confused and don’t usually take part. However, this morning my mum challenged me to share my five favourite photos. 470 more words

Adam Ditchburn

Steve Mccurry: More than the Afghan girl

The name “Sharbat Gula” does not ring a bell with a lot of people. When shown her photo, most of them will instantly recognize her as “The Afghan girl from National Geographic”. 471 more words


Happy Halloween everyone! I decided to take on Steve McCurry’s iconic “Afghan Girl” for pumpkin carving this year. I’ve always found it to be one of those oddly haunting photographs and expressions (almost “Mona Lisa”-esque ). 83 more words


Jane Perkins, a 'Re-maker'

An artist that takes banale objects and reinvents

A self-branded ‘Artist in Found Materials’, Jane Perkins’ signature artwork is a concoction of found objects reinvented – or given a new lease of life. 124 more words

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