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In Turkey, a world away from nearby unrest

By Tom Stieghorst

While in port in Kusadasi, Turkey, on a recent cruise we heard the ezan, as the Islamic call to prayer is known in that country. 375 more words

Cruise Ship

Der Soldat

Ich bin mit ihm groß geworden, er war ein Pflegekind bei meiner Tante und ich und meine Schwester waren auch regelmäßig dort. Jahrelang spielten wir zusammen und teilten unfreiwillig vieles miteinander. 294 more words


Afghanistan gives NYT reporter 24 hours to leave country

Source: Reuters by Jessica Donati and Hamid Shalizi, Aug 20, 2014

KABUL – Afghanistan has given a New York Times reporter 24 hours to leave the country, accusing him of not cooperating with an investigation into his reporting, the Attorney General’s office said on Wednesday. 80 more words


"What We’ve Paid For War In Afghanistan And Iraq": Apparently, 'Mission Accomplished' Means 'Mission Never-Ending'

War is hell.

Major General Harold Greene could certainly tell you all about that — but, sadly, he’s dead. On August 5, General Greene became the highest-ranking American soldier to die in our unfathomable, 13-year war in Afghanistan, joining 2,339 other servicemembers who’ve paid the ultimate price for being sent by warmongering politicians into that fight for… well, for… 561 more words


Google Search Juxpo, Design and Violence

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1983 Dutch designer Massoud Hassani played with his friends in close proximity to active minefields. When a self made toy flew too high or far and into the realm of violence, some would follow.   207 more words


Book Review: I am the Beggar of the World

The beautiful translations of the landays in this collection allow Western readers to share the secret, crafty, sly, witty, subversive utterings of Afghani women, and to relish their vitality and vivacity. 241 more words


Oslavná střelba do vzduchu každoročně zabije až 1900 lidí

Pro jedny je to výraz naprostého nadšení po vyhraném boji nebo úspěšné oslavě narozenin, pro druhé nepochopitelná rána osudu, která doslova přichází z nebe. Oslavná střelba do vzduchu, která se praktikuje zejména na Blízkém východě vypadá na první pohled zcela nevinně. 418 more words