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So Many Broken Windows

So many Broken Windows

we’re sitting around the barracks today / no heat, no pay, no parades today

we’re drinking a bottle of vodka today / no medals, no polish for the boots today… 142 more words


Everyone deserves to have freedom.

Women’s rights is something that I have always been passionate about from a young age. I’m not one of these so called feminists, but I believe that equality and unity is what a fair society should consist off. 352 more words

And The Mountains Echoed

We hope we'll change by throwing Captain Obama off the Bridge!

EyesOnUSA.org has been doing a series of posts analyzing and investigating Barack Obama’s rise to power and his fall from power. It became crystal clear that very, very little was known regarding this young man with an unusual name, his ancestors, his background, his early years, his college years, his years as a Senator from Illinois, his years as a United States Senator, and as a candidate for the highest office in the land, President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief. 1,840 more words

Afghanistan Today, a GWOT Hotspot (the Afghanistan Scandal?) 8/30/14 Sat. (123 days to go)

Another end of month weekend as the days wind down for US troops in Afghanistan, with 123 days to go until the US leaves 31 December 2014. 8 more words


Bill Cosby with Marcia Brody

I’ve always felt that it’s fun to laugh with others when it’s done with the right attitude. Whether we’re from the North, South, East or West, we’re all funny when we take a look at ourselves. 55 more words


UNHCR: Afghan girl who came as refugee to Iran enjoyed the Iranian education system and is now obsterics surgeon

Afghan refugee Nasibah is now an obstetrics surgeon in Iran, an achievement she and her family never felt possible.

Afghan refugee Nasibah Heydari sits in her office. 240 more words


All those things that make up life

The US President wore a tan suit. Just savor this, it sounds innocuous enough, especially in light of what is happening in the middle-east. Then again, it is something the Americans feel strongly about. 498 more words