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Is The U.S. Abandoning Its Interpreters In Afghanistan?

Basically, yes. Because they’re not likely to provide a ready source of Democrat votes like that illegal immigrant population.


Afghan car buyers urged to defy the 'curse of 39'

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Kabul – Afghans’ aversion to the number 39 due to its mysterious connotations of prostitution forced the government on Tuesday to appeal for people to stop refusing vehicle licence plates containing the much-feared figure.
The “curse of 39″ has…

Lone Survivor

Perhaps this is the best movie I’ve seen recently.

Lone Survivor is based on the true story of Marcus Luttrell and the failed SEAL team mission he was part of. 338 more words

On the Future of Army History: Still Lost in the Woods Looking for a Reflective Belt

I recently read a great article from Foreign Policy citing a lack of critical thinking skills on the part of U.S. Army officers, and it stated that a solution lay in a better groundwork in history. 1,017 more words


Sveriges framtid? Fy fan!

Frågan är om inte detta uttalande är bland det mest infantila och dåraktiga som kommit ur en blond minipolitikers mun på senare år?

Vad menar hon!? 190 more words


ANALYSIS: A few thousand dollars - the price of life for civilians killed in war zones

By Crina Boros, Craig Shaw and Karrie Kehoe | First published by Thomson Reuters Foundation – Wed, 16 Jul 2014

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – When U.S. 103 more words


Morning Must Reads: July 22

  • “After days of resistance, pro-Russian rebels on Monday yielded some ground in the crisis surrounding downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17—handing over passengers’ bodies, relinquishing the plane’s black boxes and pledging broader access for investigators to the crash site.” [
  • 341 more words