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My first Lego set review!

I am what is known as an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), yes, this is a real term. I frequently visit a website called Brickset… 150 more words


LEGO previews the reboot of storied Bionicle line at New York Comic Con

In 2001, Lego first released their legendary Bionicle line of highly articulated, mask-wearing robot creatures, complete with transparent colored eye stalks, piston-packed elements, and lots and lots of ball joints. 453 more words


My Living Room Is Awesome! (Part 3- Expedit bookcase)

Oh Ikea. Your Expedit book cases were the stuff that dreams are made of. Perfect for vinyl, books, fancy display squares, CDs, record players.  Why were you discontinued. 48 more words


My Living Room is Awesome! (part 2- bed)

Not a normal living room, the bed can confuse- my wife and I are currently living at her parents while we save for a house, and her dad converted a garage into a little granny flat for us. 303 more words


My Living Room is Awesome!!! (part 1- sofa)

So, in case you couldn’t work out that I am a bit nerdy already, let me tell you I am an AFOL. Which is apparently the preferred nomenclature for an adult fan of Lego. 443 more words