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Thursday Quotables - The Way of the White Folks

“Sit down and tell us what you’s heard, Sister Jenkins.”
“About Douglass?”
“Course ‘baut Douglass. What else is anybody talking ‘bout nowadays?”
“Well, my daughter told me Douglass sister’s say they was in love.”

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First let me emphasize the fact that I neither designed this Tee Shirt nor coined this phase. 880 more words

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A Clever Wordsmith: Saying Goodbye to J. California Cooper

J. California Cooper, the Berkeley-born author and playwright whose honors include the American Book Award, the Black Playwright of the Year award and the James Baldwin Writing Award, has died at age 82. 7 more words

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Street Lit: Is That All Black Authors Can Write?

I was on my way to Wendy’s to pick up my brother, when I took a detour to Walmart to do a little shopping. Since I had about an hour to spare, browsing the shelves in Walmart sounded like a better option than wasting gas sitting in the Wendy’s parking lot waiting for my brother, or worse, going inside to buy something not on my diet. 659 more words

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