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George Stinney Knew Injustice

“You can’t trust them.”  – Public Enemy

This is right from The Young Turks and they make it plain enough for me.  Sometimes you have to look at it, even though it makes your soul hurt.

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How It Goes Down...

Thirty Seconds of Baby Bliss: Samuel Dressed as Santa Claus

Tuesdays can be hard.  Here is your thirty seconds of holiday baby bliss presented by yours truly and my son Samuel.

I hope you are having a good day!

African American Culture

Vampirito O Monstre de Leche

This was by special request because it’s Saturday and we are at home with Samuel waiting for the Stags to play.

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African American Culture

‘Step Out The Boat:’ Following the Urban Disciple Maker

In the wake of the Brown/Garner decisions, it has been revealed that numerous conversations need to take place  in American Christian circles regarding culture, race, class, systemic injustice, public policy, Christian responsibility, and so forth. 1,374 more words


Where Worlds Intersect: How 'White Girls' Became 'Basic'

Note: I originally created this post for my class AAS108x: Exploring Race and Community in the Digital World, who has its own blog on WordPress. 3,216 more words

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