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In a poetic mood. " Can't git enuff..."

Kool & the Gang said it. Others have said it. Now ah’m sayin it. ” I jus can’t git enuff of yo Funky stuff. ”  Yo Funky stuff is the stuff of ancient Funky legends from waay back when. 127 more words

African American History

In a poetic mood. " Black Butterfly. "

Black Butterfly. Went back across the waters, where black Spirits wander, and ponder their escape, from the unceremonious memories of sudden death, aboard slave ships headed for hell. 98 more words

African American History

The Economist Considers Slavery and the Response is Immediate (A Round Up)

On Sept 4, 2014, the Economist reviewed Edward Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told: 2,296 more words


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Jessica Marie Johnson has posted a round up of reviews of Edward E. Baptist's new book, Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism at African Diaspora, Ph.D. blog. Her post not only dissects the reviews of Baptist book but she recounts the furor that followed the Economist's inconceivably stupid review of it. Johnson's post is good way to catch up on the ongoing discussions about Baptist's book.

Sit back and let me talk to ya. (1)

When I began this website, I intended to sit back and keep my personal thoughts to myself. My Black Panther experience had taught me to hold my tongue, especially on issues of race and politics. 455 more words

African American History