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Reasons why we chose the writing profession

I say “we” in the title because I’m sure writers other than myself have heard, “there is no money in writing.” At least that’s what I’ve heard while I was attending Greenville Technical College in Greenville, SC. 230 more words

Express Yourself: A Daily Post Challenge

How do I express myself?

I express myself in many ways. One of my favorite things to do is to sing in the shower. I sing 80s and 90s songs from films and cartoon shows such as the “Tailspin” theme song. 104 more words

Complementing the writing craft

Writing well is an awesome skill. Combined with another skill, a writer’s current skill becomes more intriguing to employers. For example, if a writer has his or her degree in journalism and has obtained computing skills in publishing software, their chances of getting their career job increases. 115 more words

Freelance Writer Challenge: Creating samples

Those collegiate portfolios are like gold to the college graduate. Unfortunately, some employers aren’t just looking at what you’ve done in college, but they look at your experience. 103 more words

Update: Foot in the Door

Although there isn’t much traffic here yet, I still want to post an update of my short story collection project also known as Foot in the Door. 120 more words

Creative Writer

LADIES & GENTLEMEN, presenting, for your entertainment, distraction and destruction, a ridiculous extravaganza where, nothing is real but the extreme and the purchased and all is a ghastly, fetid spectacle. 397 more words