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Racism, Trauma, and Adoption: Wake Up

Racism, trauma, and adoption are far more entwined than many people want to admit.

As a white person, let me start by saying this: Racism is real, pervasive, mostly implicit, better than it once was, and currently is damaging our culture, children, and future, in a pervasive and tragic way. 1,326 more words


True Love

Do you want to know what true love is? True love is being a black man and letting your non-black boyfriend cut your unruly hair because you are too broke/lazy to go and get a real haircut. 89 more words

John McCain calls protesters "scum" was he justified?

What do you think? The protesters seem out of line but was John McCain justified in his response?

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The Fuels of Freedom

I’m constantly surrounded and enveloped by the love, wisdom, critique, success and over/unbecoming of so many perfectly imperfect folks of color. Your stories feed me a truth that could only come from colored hands, those marked by a life force that knows struggle(s), dines with her, and bids her goodbye after an unforgiving odyssey. 157 more words



“My chronic feelings of emptiness and boredom came from the fact that I was living a life based on my incapacities, which were numerous.” -Susanna Kaysen,  1,246 more words


To All "Empire" Fans

To All Empire Fans,

The new hit television show, “Empire” gives its audience a plush depiction of the lavish life behind recordlable executives. The director and screen writers presents the struggles of inner-city youth and the luck of one man to make it out.Lucious Lyon represents the real world struggles for the success of African-American men in America. 116 more words