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Shakshuka – Tunisian eggs baked in tomatoes – seems to be a divisive dish. Either you love it or hate it. It’s like the Hillary Clinton of recipes and everyone’s got an opinion. 1,132 more words


West African Peanut Stew

Thick, thin or soupy. Depending on where you are, peanut stews can be found across the whole of West Africa. This is one dish I really wanted to get right, it had to be as authentic as I could possibly get it without having to grind the peanuts to make butter myself. 546 more words

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A really good time!

PLUSS and MUSSYL got together in Portland, Maine last Saturday at Woodfords Congregational Church for a celebration which included African and American food, music, and just plain fun. 64 more words

African Food

"30 Days A Vegan!" Can Africans Can Be Vegetarian?

I think I struck a nerve. I had never had so much opinion on my dietary choices until I announced that my husband and I were embarking on a “30 Days A Vegan” challenge. 865 more words

How to cook healthy Nigerian meals

Two hours before I wrote knew I was going to write this blog post, I texted my four close friends this, asking them to try some of the recipes. 641 more words

Naija Nostalgia


Throughout my stay in the U.S, I have encountered some people who were embarrassed to say where they are from. I found it weird and I could understand why they would be so embarrassed to let others know their place of birth because usually when certain misinformed people think about some country in Africa, they immediately picture a scene from Tarzan, animals running around, naked people roaming the forests and kids pissing on their selves and picking their nose. 393 more words

Week 14: You say Piri I say Peri

Mozambican style peri peri sauce

The history of peri peri sauce might originate in Portugal but being a South Africa when I think peri peri I think Mozambique. 234 more words