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Why peel cowpeas (beans) in African Cooking?

There is a tradition that cowpeas/beans are peeled in the cuisine of Africa and it’s diaspora. Whether it is Moin Moin from Nigeria, Akara from Ghana 0r Beignets de Niebé from Mali, cooks all over the continent spend time ensuring that every pea has the hull removed when cooking a variety of dishes. 43 more words

African Food

@AfropolitanChef Cookbook- African Inspired Meals

Yetunde Taiwo is the Afropolitan Chef , the spunky and talented beautiful Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur, born in Chicago, raised in Nigeria. Her influence is West African, but her perspective is global.   522 more words


Phaphatha/Diphaphatha from Botswana

It is no secret that African cuisine is heavily biased towards meat and carbohydrates, Botswana is no exception. I already posted a recipe for dumplings… 403 more words

African Food

EAHA/Kokeb/CTS party - the wrap

EAHA/Kokeb/CTS fund-raising party for Eritrean kids, Kokeb Restaurant & Cafe, 247 Barkly Street, Footscray. Phone: 9689 0157

Tuesday, July 22.

It was an evening to raise funds to support the work of Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Aid. 265 more words


Hibiscus: The African Tea with Health Benefits

Are you a Hibiscus lover? Did you know that besides being a favorite beverage in many African countries, this beloved plant, turned beverage is loaded with nutrients and can actually help control your blood pressure. 18 more words

African Food

(Inauthentic) Agashe/Suya

Born and partially raised in Sudan, Africa, some of my favorite childhood memories included late evening trips with my aunts and uncles to visit the street vendors for some agashe (pronounced ah-gah-shay). 422 more words

Upcoming Tutorial : Nigerian Fried Rice

I will be posting a series of pictures, videos, as well as a step by step guide/instructions on how to make this African dish. It is one of Nigeria’s most popular dish and i believe anyone can make and i will show you how to.

Stay Tuned!!

Nigerian Fried Rice