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A sense of urgency.....

“I have answered the call. The journey is clear. The task at hand requires the conquer of fear. The enemy moves like a shadow and creeps like the wind.

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Banjo Ancestors and Its Origin

Though many people think that the banjo is the all-American instrument, born and developed in the good ol’ U. S. of A., they’re only telling you a partial truth and a very small part of the whole story.

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A war of epic proportions ("African World War")


Ever since the bloody and barbaric  World War II came to an end, the world has never seen a more nasty and merciless war than the 2nd Congo war. 547 more words


How Ebola ended up in West Africa

A Harvard researcher who tracks Ebola’s evolution remembers being “totally shocked” when he learned that Zaire ebolavirus was behind reports of a mysterious hemorrhagic fever cropping up in Sierra Leone last January. 1,111 more words


Tsoede of the Nupes

The Nupe Kingdom was one of the most prominent Kingdoms of the Niger-Benue confluence area, what is today known as the Middle Belt of Nigeria. At its peak, the Kingdom spanned several Nigerian states especially Niger and Kwara states but its influence was felt through the entire Middle Belt and on to the Yoruba Kingdoms and Hausa states. 1,069 more words