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The 'first black head of state'?

Was Alessandro de’ Medici the ‘first black head of state’ in the modern West? Last week, the Medici Archive Project asked on its Facebook page… 574 more words

Slavery in Africa

This picture’s caption says it is of an Egyptian slavemaster and a female Waswahili (Swahili) slave in Cairo c.1864

Slavery was so widespread throughout history. When I found this picture I’d sat down to read a “brief summary”, which was just silly. 50 more words


Renowned African History Professor, Ali Mazrui Dies at 81

Ali Mazrui

Professor Ali Mazrui, renowned Kenyan academic, is dead.

He passed away at 3 o’oclock Kenya time on Monday morning in the USA where he has been lecturing, according to a Kenyan newspaper, The Star. 100 more words


Mixing Cultures: Tap Dancing

William Henry Lane (1825 – 1852) was known as Master Juba and the “Juba dance,” also known as “Pattin’ Juba,” was a mix of European Jig, Reel Steps, Clog and African Rhythms.

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Ancient History And Modern History

“Since men have learnt to shoot without missing,

Eneke the Bird has learnt to fly without perching.”

- Chinua Achebe

Eneke the Bird, to me, symbolizes adaptation. 420 more words


Emmit J. McHenry: Inventor of .Com

In 1979, Emmit McHenry and a few associates start an engineering company name Network Solutions. For 16 years, he and his partners toiled away and built a solid company.

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