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Invitation to the Exhibit "Luminous Dark Matter" by Aïda Touré

You are cordially invited to the opening reception of Aïda Touré’s exhibit


starting 3-6:00pm, Sunday February 8th, 2015 at

Rio II Gallery, 202 more words

Spiritual Art

Bead Dictionary: Ashanti Gold

The Ashanti people, also called Asante, are members of the Akan group who have long ruled Ghana and parts of neighboring countries in West Africa. … 255 more words

Bead Dictionary

A History of the World in Verse (Excerpt 4)

Japan, another victim of gunboat diplomacy,
As US Admiral Perry forced his nation’s interests from the sea,
The Japanese could not stay isolated in their eastern land, 158 more words


10 Proofs Africans Sailed to the Americas Long Before Columbus

Columbus noted in his journal that the Native Americans confirmed “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.”

“Nicholas Leon, an eminent Mexican authority, recorded the oral traditions of his people and ultimately kept track of a key piece of evidence that Black people made it to the New World far before their European counterparts. 62 more words

Black History

Jan Vansina, pioneering historian of Africa, receives lifetime achievement award from AHA

For reclaiming the “unknowable” history of Africa in seven landmark books from the University of Wisconsin Press

Jan Vansina, one of the world’s foremost historians of Africa who literally wrote the book on using… 1,984 more words


Unleash the comics!

2015 has started with such a bang.  This year I have dedicated myself to pursuing my core passions – comics and animation.  This is not without risk, it means I leave my bread and butter being my graphic design work.  356 more words