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Unlucky 13: 1986 Commonwealth Games

After last night’s fabulous Opening Ceremony, and the first day of ‘friendly’ Commonwealth competition yesterday, it’s a wonder that the Games were ever steeped in controversy. 657 more words


Lobengula and the concession hunters

This is the second installment in a series about Rhodesia.

King Lobengula of the Matabele found himself extraordinarily popular with white men—too popular. Day in and day out, they rode in their wagons to the royal residence at Bulawayo, where they pestered him with requests. 1,708 more words


Anti-Semitism? How about ANTI-HAMITISM? by David Coleman

For the past millennia or since our upbringing in the American school system, there has been a consistent effort that we as African people here in America to be taught about the brutality and horrors that the Jewish people went through. 1,637 more words


Cecil Rhodes and British expansionism

This is the first of a series about Rhodesia.

“I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better off it is for the human race.”*—Cecil Rhodes… 979 more words


The Clash of Civilizations Vs. West African Values (Part Two)

This article you about to read is for critical thinking only, readers and commentators are expected to have read part one which was written five years ago to fully understand the line of discussion, if you have not, it is advisable for you to leave this post because you are not ready for it yet, a lot had happened but the basic principle of the article still prevails in a book review of one of the classic works of Samuel P Huntington in his bestseller book “The Clash of Civilizations and remaking of the world” which first came out as an article in the journal Foreign Affairs in 1993”, the Oracle reviewed his contributions to remaking of the world order and what the clashes would lead to in West Africa and for us to micro his views in relation to politics and social upheavals in West Africa and indeed Nigeria my home country. 1,667 more words


Tunde Folawiyo | Art of Africa: The Works of Skunder Boghossian

The thriving world of African art is rich with immensely talented creators. The continent of Africa has housed some of contemporary art’s most meaningful works, with famed artists like Alexander “Skunder” Boghossian forging an enormous impact on the genre. 379 more words

Tunde Folawiyo

blackness, the "conscious community" & dreams of the africa that never was [pt .1]

This post is inspired by the meme below, in this picture, the little boy on the left who is just being a toddler with his shirt off and a sprite in his hand comes to represent a shirtless (jobless), sagging black man with (probably) a liquor bottle, and emblematic of ALL THAT IS WRONG with black people.   778 more words