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A Different View of Cape Town

Cape Town is a thriving multicultural community with architecture, food, and culture that reflects its diverse peoples past and present. Considered one of he world’s most beautiful cities, it is surrounded by the spectacular scenery of Table Mountain, False Bay, the Cape of Good Hope, and the famed wine region that is dotted with Dutch farmhouses and vineyards of incredible beauty. 175 more words


Cape Town - A Touring Day

Our first full day in Cape Town was actually spent outside of the city in the surrounding areas to check out some of the spectacular views that the greater Cape Town area has to offer. 557 more words


Real U.K. Penguin Love Stories

The Penguin Post has learned that a real live penguin love story is being played out at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in southern England. Last year millions of British TV viewers watched on anxiously as a young Humboldt penguin Pine was introduced to the Sanctuary’s resident colony in the hope he would pair-up with single female Lola. 208 more words

Can Hand Reared African Penguins Be Released In The Wild?

Along the Western Cape of South Africa lives a group of endangered African penguins. These penguins breed from February through September, and then moult sometime between September and January. 585 more words

African Penguin Chicks Get A Helping Hand

Abandoned African penguin chicks are easy to spot. Their flippers are too long for their bodies. Their chest bones are visible through their newborn plumage. They haven’t been fed by their parents for weeks because the adult birds are molting and unable to hunt in the ocean. 591 more words

Penguin Encounter at the Maryland Zoo

The new African Penguin exhibit has opened at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and boasts one of the largest colonies of African penguins in North America. 261 more words


Adventure Aquarium welcomes its newest penguin chick! Meet 4-day old "Goblin"

We’re excited to introduce to you the newest addition to our growing penguin colony! Meet tiny chick “Goblin” who hatched overnight on October 17 to parents Jack and Diane. 332 more words

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