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Secretary Bird on the EDGE by Alison Nicholls

100 Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) birds were recently listed in a paper in Current Biology. The lead author, Prof Walter Jetz, states that “by identifying these top 100 species, we can now focus our efforts on targeted conservation action and better monitoring to help ensure that they are still here for future generations to come”. 229 more words

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Day 1 - Arrival

Time: 22.05

Right now there is a crazy storm happening outside. This is really where you feel the full force of the elements. Out in the African ‘bush’. 743 more words

African Safari

Oribi (Ourebia ourebi)

The Oribi (Ourebia ourebi) is a small, slender antelope occurring throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa. Their typical habitats include open grasslands or thinly bushed areas with access to water. 147 more words


Photo of the Day #4

It is extremely difficult to take photos of wildlife, especially while on safari in a bus that seats about 50, bouncing up and down and nearly being thrown out of the window.   258 more words



A while back, I wrote a post about a magic tree. A magic penis tree. It was, of course, not really magic at all. It just had such strange, unlikely fruit that it some odd beliefs got attached to it. 1,176 more words


African Conservation on Pinterest by Alison Nicholls

As we all know, there are many, many, many social media sites. One of my favorites is Pinterest, because it is image based. I have a number of boards, including this one about African Conservation. 67 more words

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Like a scene straight out of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'

So, in Uganda I had an apocalyptic moment where hoards of termites (flying), moths and every other horrible bug imaginable came pouring in under my door and through the windows and even up through my bug net – literally hundreds, possibly thousands (thousands could be a slight exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like). 500 more words