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African Woman

Paint a picture of the African woman,
Preserve her beauty for ages to come,
Show forth the elegance of her features;
Her full mouth, luscious and inviting… 214 more words


Guest Post - A Trip to Success; An African's Woman Perspective

“For I see that then I was still all in a state of innocence, but that innocence, once lost, is lost forever.” ― Susan Hill, The Woman in Black… 1,095 more words



In this picture I combine two different photographs (the gangster was actually a black-and-white photo) to let the combination tell an interesting story.


I Am Me, African!

I am caucasian but in the eyes of many, “you are white”, they say …

Silently I tread, smiling I march.

I cannot point fingers at anyone, so I sit still because let’s face, it takes a special deftness to be or feel something that you are not. 250 more words


Four Things You Don't Ask An African Woman Studying In Sydney

By Vanessa Mukhebi

Lupita Nyong’o is a departure from the connotations that her deeply hued skin and nationality often pertain to, and chances are you will meet many like her at university. 364 more words

Issue 5

An African Woman: The African Perspective I know

And this is what I know is the general African Perspective of an African Woman:

Oh that African Woman, mother of the continent;

She is that woman who behing the ‘scenes’ is the head of her household, but who in public should only be seen and not heard; 659 more words

Marie's Garden

The African Woman in Me

Often as African women, it seems as though the world expects us to make apologies for our dark skin and coarse hair. We’re not modelled to suit the look of what society idolises as the ideal/beautiful woman. 94 more words