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AFRICAN WOMAN- By Adedoyin Akanni

Thou mayest know, man is created from woman
She is called woman, born with womb
Fragmented as virtuous lineage
Of great substance that will forever last… 98 more words


Are We Really Free .

So, are we really free or do we still have chains around our wrists?
We are still under Colonialism,
Being Colonized by those who we emulate… 544 more words


Women Want Equality? – Fathers! Your Place Is Being Taken!

It has been know in our African tradition that men ought to be the head in everything. This is coming to an end as equality is being introduced to us by our mothers and many girls have come to embrace this. 490 more words

Virtuous Woman


These are the ingredients that make up this new character you hate in me;

Numb eyes,bleak soul, a mind drenching with evil, a heart that is safely tucked from your clumsy hands. 345 more words


Many a times we tend to believe that a strong woman has to be an emotionless brick who is able to handle everything situation like a champ.

381 more words