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Meerkats Cuddle Photographer

This photography article intrigues me. Burrard Lucas (a photographer) is cuddled by meerkats while he is photographing. Isn’t it fun to be cuddled by such cute and friendly animals? 16 more words


Mystic Penguins Get Their Feathers Wet

The Penguin Post has learned that three African penguin chicks, all hatched in January of this year, took their first swim yesterday after 13 weeks of huddling under their parents for warmth and nurturing. 149 more words

Penguin Post

Post Easter 2014

So I’m back from Egoli (Johannesburg)

To my surprise, I actually had an incredibly fabulous time. The city is huge and interesting. Granted I didn’t get to see much of the less attractive parts of it, I genuinely enjoyed Sandton, the North Rand and North Riding Nature Reserve where the reception was held. 993 more words

Cape Town

Lupita Nyong'o is People Magazine's Most Beautiful person for 2014

Revealed this morning on TODAY, the the 31-year-old Mexican-born Kenyan actress is People’s Most Beautiful person for 2014. What else can we say? Congratulations to Lupita.


Lupita Nyong'o Named PEOPLE Magazine's "World's Most Beautiful"

This morning Oscar-winning Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o, the lead star in recent film “12 Years a Slave,” was dubbed “World’s Most Beautiful” by PEOPLE Magazine. Not only did she receive the honor of making the list of 50, but her radiant smile was also showcased on the cover of the magazine issue.  198 more words

Things Fall Apart

This house believes that blurb writers who include events that happen more than 50% of the way through a novel should be lined up and whipped. 719 more words

Book Review

African Beauty: I Love my Gele!

They all look ravishingly beautiful, this must be a different event entirely as I meant to attend a wedding, not a big parade of colours, some with moderate patterns and styles while others are like magnificent imaginative hands stretched out to the sky in prayers, pretty is the word… Even the men were not left out with caps ever so lovely. 150 more words