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Stumbled upon an article I wrote while I was still a third-year UCT student majoring in Media & Writing, Afrikaans and Politics (2012).

Afrikaner identity has been expressed through musical movements that stretch from Voëlvry to Bok van Blerk’s ‘De la Rey’; it has also been challenged by what has been labelled the ‘zef’ movement. 1,292 more words


Calais, Frankrike, belägrat av papperslösa parasiter som kräver rättighetet



Den franska kuststaden Calais har blivit fullständigt belägrad av illegala invandrare, som trots att de olagligen uppehåller sig i ett annat land, kräver rättigheter. Kräver och kräver, känner man igen det beteendet? 70 more words


Fort Schanskop

German-style Boer fort number two! Conveniently located near the imposing Voortrekker Monument.

La Vie Quotidienne

Post # 25 -- Ek kan nie wag nie & more Afrikaans!

5 August 2014

Dear family and friends,

As I am typing this, I’m currently sitting here on the couch in my house listening to Afrikaans techno through this band called Bittereinder (which translates to bitter end… not bitter reindeer like I initially thought haha). 2,091 more words

Tuesday 10's - 10 things that make you South African

The other day on the radio, while I was driving home, they were talking about things that only happen in South Africa. This inspired me to come up with a few of my own “Unique to South Africa” things that I think you might like. 299 more words

South Africa


They still don’t get it! The world is not black or white, its all shades. According to reports, Boer Afrikaner people who for decades perpetrated Apartheid in South Africa because they view themselves as a superior and distinctive race are now trying to carve out an autonomous state for themselves. 308 more words