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Talking About Death & Dying


Ya know, I really believe in souls jumping from species to species. My youngest daughter adopted a black kitten recently. She named him JJ, short for Jake Junior. 266 more words


The man who found Him.

His eyes were wet, as if he had been crying for centuries. His feeble health revealed much about his diet. His face was scarred, and his body was stained. 679 more words


There Is An Afterlife, But You Might Not Find It Reassuring

Death is some scary shit, no doubt. But death is not nothing. This is a mistake I often made in my life, in both my thinking and my living. 1,771 more words

Not Thinking Clearly

“How do you convince someone they’re not thinking clearly, when they’re not thinking clearly? What we’re actually saying is no magic, no afterlife, no higher moral authoritative father-figure, no security, and no happy ever after. 39 more words

Can't Save the Game

I was starting up the nightly Minecraft game. I flicked through the options and asked which texture pack we should use. Asha asked for the Plastic pack. 260 more words


On Death And What Happens After...( Yeah, I Think About It)

Everyone talks about  their life and what is happening in it. I am often at the store or at some public place when I will hear a couple of people talking about what is going on in their life these days, or how the kids are and what their latest interests are. 1,756 more words