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Thursday Thoughts: On Death

~This journey to becoming a writer is uncovering the many layers of my mind. Some of those layers are very dark and sometimes disturbing.

I’ve unfortunately experienced a lot of death in my life so maybe that’s why I have such morbid thoughts from time to time. 587 more words


It's a Heaven Beyond Comprehension

That’s why it’ll be
Like life where you don’t
Know what you got
Till it’s gone


Which way does it blow?



Pronounce the name of the wind before you sail with it.

And it’s not the north wind.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA.




The Big White Kitchen in the Sky

Dear Friends,
When I was twelve, my grandfather passed away. It was my first experience with losing a loved one. I recall two specific things from that time. 290 more words


Where Do We Go When We Die

Where do we go when we die? This is a question we are intrigued by. Even people who are not religious are interested in this question. 2,316 more words


The Dead Grieves Their Own Death

One of the focal point I made when I wrote my book, Life, Everlasting, was the idea that the dead also grieves the life they lost. 165 more words