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The Child's Life

(I was given a prompt ‘What happens when we die?’
And I wrote this.)

The day she died was a quiet day

her parents around her bed, begging her to stay. 232 more words


Panel Structure

Marcus Jemas had never been a completely confident guy. He had been able to fake it well enough most of his life, but now that his life was over it seemed to come much easier to him. 5,296 more words

Short Stories

Gays in the Afterlife (you’re NOT going to Hell)

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

You are not going to Hell. You are not bad, and you are very spiritual. Nothing could destroy your soul, especially loving someone! 447 more words

Deborah Kauflin

Such stuff as dreams are made on

On?  Of?

I was sure I remembered Prospero saying, “such stuff as dreams are made ON” in The Tempest.  Apparently it was Humphrey Bogart who decide to use the line in  The Maltese Falcon in 1941 but changed it slightly to ‘The stuff that dreams are made of.’  Hence the confusion… 495 more words


Imagine if Al Qaeda knew!

Imagine if Al Qaeda knew all of this!  Imagine if they knew that they are really spirits, and that they are right now energizing many “focus personalities.” many of them women, many Christian or Jewish, and that when the die they become more aware of their total Big Self, which includes “people” of many races and social positions, possibly from the lowest to the highest. 323 more words