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The Aftermath - you're not in it just by yourself

That’s both good and bad. Your family will be intimately involved in the aftermath of any shooting you are in. They will probably support you but they will also suffer just as much as you do. 82 more words


Wrong Hill To Die On

So I cleaned my place. I take pride in my home.

I got ready as I was chatting with him. I said I have a question for you before you come over. 228 more words



was this a lie too?

“Take Me Away”

this time all I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place… 203 more words



What do you do
Where do you go
How do you handle it

when what you need is someone’s physical presence, need to feel comfort, need to feel like someone sees you, need to feel like you’re not invisible and slipping away inside while your shell remains happy go lucky? 32 more words


Connecting the memories

Originally written in Sept/Oct 2014–>

Last week I realized something important. I read these messages from my husband;
“Go f*ck yourself u dumb c*nt”
“I’m embarrassed to ever call u my wife” 1,117 more words


Prisoner of War

I seriously have never felt more alone or put on such a show to hide it in my life.

There’s something on the edge of my sight that I can’t see. 173 more words


Saddleback-Golden West aftermath

Well folks, the season is over. But, at least it went out with a bang. The Gauchos defeated Golden West College on their homecoming night by the score of 37-22. 208 more words