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Forest Fire by btfoto

The aftermath of a forest fire as the sun shines through the smoke.


Aftermath of Aleshinloye Market fire: How we’ve moved on —Traders

It came like a bombshell when a fire razed the popular Aleshinloye Market in Ibadan some months ago. Affected traders were capriciously hounded into misery as the fire turned what they had built for years into ashes. 1,151 more words



I have been told that when a loved one dies
the worst part is not the shock, or the blood,
or how grief colors all the places your hands touch. 160 more words

The aftermath of the kidnapping

I would like to say that we were faced with an ethical dilemma when this shit went down. But the truth is there was no dilemma. 947 more words

After the Dawn

First there was “The Announcement”

Then “The scramble”.

Followed by “The Wait”

And then . . .

And then . . .

The Gig.

The Euphoria. 379 more words