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6 Ways to Beat Sleepy Afternoons

By Nicole Tinkham

Lunch is probably your favorite part of the work day (it is for us, anyway) but when returning to work you enter the long and dreaded afternoon hours that go on and on forever with no end in sight (so it seems). 525 more words

I Love You. Love You

Hari ini aku teringat kamu lagi. Merindukanmu lagi. Sangat.
Maka kucarilah perasaan cintaku yang pernah tumpah, tertuang buku puisi untukmu dulu. Little Great Warrior. 80 more words

Min Vegter


On the 6th of April 95, family in ward one is ecstatic
voices raised in praise to the almighty
phone call made by father says, 389 more words

Do Good and Make Money

I was thrilled to be invited to attend this year’s FOO Camp in June. It’s a friendly gathering of Friends Of O’Reilly techie innovator braniac hacker types, in Sebastopol, California, and most everyone there suffers from crazy imposter syndrome at first, but warm up quickly because everyone’s so interesting.  1,016 more words


pure JOY

late afternoon sun

filters through breezy green leaves

-pure late summer JOY

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