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Sounding Out Layers.

Patterns. I hear patterns. There’s the mess of too much chart music played at full volume from three different shops and two different bars, punctuated by an alarm ringing somewhere. 669 more words


Nightly Reverence - A Sonnet

When while a day goes quietly the nigh

soft hearts may ponder a delicate noon-

time pleasure. That is the moment inside

a dream slow to respond, yet urgency… 69 more words


Morning Coffee

Some routines
cannot be stopped,
nor should they.

I can stop the smoking
I can stop hanging out in bars
I can pare down the drinking… 38 more words

Sunday Afternoon at Exeter St.

First, in a flash, the whistles and roar of the Sunday football game diminished into the television, shushed for the first time in hours. A hush as gentle as a first petal blush settled in the room the moment a flurry of voices exited, and the door shut behind them. 420 more words

Adventure In Normal Life

"Lazy" Afternoons

Time passed slowly in the afternoon, but it was very relaxing.

Usually, there were not a lot of patients at the health center during the afternoon.

287 more words
Host Family

My Urges

I thought they’d gone away,

in the business of a day

I had hoped that maybe now

some peace might come my way.

Then she stood before me, 72 more words


Balancing Work and Parenting, Especially in the Afternoons

It’s a new reality for me to have my kiddo at home with me during the afternoons… while I’m working. During the first week, it was “new” to him, to come home and actually have his alone time in his room and playroom – and he was excited to have that down time! 1,646 more words