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Why ELOs matter: Community crime rates

We talked in a recent post about how violent juvenile crime spikes at 3 pm. Other high-risk behaviors among tweens and teens flourish in the afterschool hours and summer months as well.   227 more words

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Week 3-4 update

Keep working. Persevere. School life has been stressful with all the tests and projects, but at the end of each school day, THIS: the robotics room of refuge, the clanging of metal, and the sound of the ongoing drill. Good luck all.


Why ELOs matter: Reducing the risk from 3-6 pm

The hours between 3 and 6 pm are a time of opportunity for students. But if they’re not involved in structured, supervised learning, there’s  plenty of opportunity for high-risk behavior. 376 more words

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Home Made Houmus

So I have had a crazy month so far hence my absence from the Blog. Kids back from university, college applications plus busy with my new Sports Massage has kept me from writing, however I have still been cooking up a storm with some great new recipes -heads up I am near to perfecting my Paleo Carrot Cake recipe and will post as soon as I am happy with it! 189 more words


Social Studies: Help your students get to know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Looking for ways to incorporate the history of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. into a school day social studies lesson? You might consider incorporating these facts into a classroom discussion or quiz game. 391 more words