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SATURDAY: AG HOLDER IS LEAVING WITH JIM YARDLEY…..Listen in now at http://t.co/2sLq34NJNp. #BlogTalkRadio

— Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) September 27, 2014

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The Country Does Not Need Another Holder

My guess is that President Obama is already looking at some names to replace AG Holder.  

I don’t expect him to nominate a conservative, but another activist liberal is not what the country needs.   324 more words

US Politics

If Only Obama Could Leave with Holder

It happens a lot in the second term: people leave administrations and go back to private life.  We remember when Karl Rove moved on and left Pres. 371 more words

US Politics

Cease-fire in Ukraine with Russia, Islamic State Grows, Ferguson Police Investigated by AG Holder

Greg Hunter

There is a cease-fire between the pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine. I hope this is a legitimate effort and not a tactic to stall for time until NATO can send in more troops. 187 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Progressives Hate Guns

Face it.  Gazelles hate lions, fish hate osprey, and Progressives hate guns.  It’s just what they are:

Epic: This Gun Manufacturer Just Stared Down Eric Holder And Told Him To Shove It… 218 more words


Insightful comments from J.C. Oleson about using empirical research on risk to reoffend at sentencing

One of the most enriching aspects of this blogging gig for me has been the opportunity to correspond with some brilliant people who are also motivated to do good. 585 more words

More ostrich

I had a transfusion yesterday. It took six hours. By the time I was done, I had no energy to reply to the extremely thoughtful comments I received in relationship to  283 more words