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How Do Others Perceive You?

Right or wrong, perception is reality in business relationships

I saw a sign that said, “I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.” Interesting, but I don’t think I will be hanging it up in my office any time soon. 374 more words

#DesignScript Curve Translation,Geometry.Solid.Revolve.ProfileAxis#10- Code to Node to Code

Hi Everyone:

This is the tenth in a series of thirty-two DS file translations and the third of four Revolve-Solid type samples. The file Geometry.Solid.Revolve.ProfileAxis.ds… 266 more words

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#DesignScript Curve Translation,Geometry.Solid.Revolve.AxisPointDirectionSweepAngle#9- Code to Node to Code

Hi Everyone:

This is the ninth in a series of thirty-two DS file translations and the second of four Revolve-Solid type samples. The file Geometry.Solid.Revolve.AxisPointDirectionSweepAngle.ds… 257 more words

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Isabelle in the Garden

Hello readers! It’s me, Isabelle. I finally get to write on here again. I went to my great grandmother’s house. She has a beautiful garden, and Mom took tons of selfies. 29 more words

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Gunrunner: Judge rules the Department of Justice must release Fast and Furious log

  It has been quite a long time since there has been anything to write about Fast and Furious. In fact since Eric Holder ran to Barack Obama and begged the president to use Executive Privilege to seal the documents which I believe show the upper level of the Obama regime to have been complicit in the scandal the investigation has been dead for all intents and purposes. 263 more words


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BofA to Pay $16.65 Billion to End U.S. Mortgage Probes

By: Tom Schoenberg, Hugh Son and David McLaughlin

Bank of America Corp. will pay $16.65 billion to end federal and state probes into mortgage bond sales, the harshest penalty yet related to loans that fueled the 2008 financial crisis, the Justice Department said. 527 more words


'The Same Kid Who Got Stopped On The Freeway Is Now the AG Of The United States'



Attorney General Eric Holder in Ferguson today

(Excerpts from his remarks, as provided by the Justice Department)

“We have seen a great deal of progress over the years. 375 more words

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