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Saige Has Her Clothes!


I ordered some stuff of AG’s sales page last week, and they arrived today!

Saige’s PJs are in the box, and her Tunic Outfit is in the bag. 153 more words


Why I hate resumes

Resumes often don’t tell enough about the farm job candidate.

OK, so maybe hate is too strong of a word; after all, when I am recruiting for my clients I look at hundreds a day. 418 more words

Jeans on Jeans

After an almost two- week long ‘move’ of my blog I can finally devote time to photoshoots and stylizations. In today’s post I’d like to show you that combining jeans with jeans doesn’t have to be kitschy, it can actually look quite cool. 79 more words


Amsterdam: Phase Two

Well, I’m heading back to Amsterdam in September to work for MCAN. This time it will be on a long-term, indefinite basis. The details about all that are still in the works, but I am in the process of going back as an AG Missionary through their MAPS program. 443 more words

My Idea for GOTY 2015

I drew these back when I only knew that Girl of the Year 2015 would have (At least in the books) two friends, an artist and a math whiz. 335 more words


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