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Exception (or a mommy blog on Agamben)

My daughter doesn’t like the stroller much at all, and she really doesn’t like being strapped in the stroller. We push the backrest as far forward as we can, but she prefers sitting straight up, even leaning forward on her knees, maybe holding out a doll or stuffed animal friend to take in the sights with her. 1,135 more words

Book review: The Figure of This World by Mathew Abbott

I just finished reading The Figure of This World: Agamben and the Question of Political Ontology by Mathew Abbott (Amazon link). I’ve linked approvingly… 485 more words


Update on Agamben reading group

The Bay Area Public School has posted an announcement with details. The first session will be on Monday, June 30th, at 4pm, in downtown Oakland, and we will be reading up to page 34 in Agamben’s Infancy and History.


Bay area reading group over early Agamben texts

I’ve posted before about the possibility of a reading group this summer through the Bay Area Public School. The details are still being finalized, but I wanted to give an update for those who would like to participate. 190 more words


"Focus is life": The mysticism of Five-Hour Energy

Five-Hour Energy is one of those products that exists near the back of all of our cultural consciousnesses, at the boundary between “real” products and obvious scams. 456 more words