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Giorgio Agamben se propose dans ce court texte d’explorer le concept de « dispositif », hérité d’une tradition philosophique riche, rassemblant dans le même ensemble théorique Foucault et Hegel. 1,098 more words

The camp as "nomos"

In many responses to Agamben’s provocative claim that the concentration camp is the nomos of modernity, I have not seen much attention to the text from which Agamben draws the curious term nomos — namely, Schmitt’s Nomos of the Earth. 478 more words


My interview about Agamben on Against the Grain

While I was in San Francisco this summer, C.S. Soong of KPFA’s Against the Grain invited me to record an interview about Agamben’s work, which has now aired and is… 49 more words


An endless duel: Israel and Palestine

  1. The myth of Gott mit uns 

There is a now long forgotten tradition of duelling. If two persons disagreed on something even as abstract as metaphysics, they could end their disagreement with a duel. 1,414 more words

The Time of Economy

In his The Kingdom and the Glory, Giorgio Agamben demonstrates that the key distinction at play in the theological thinking on economy is that between monarchy and economy; between God’s being and activity. 919 more words


The experience of translating

Seamus Heany once said that the best part about translating is that you get to finish something you didn’t have to start. It’s a strange feeling, though, finishing up something for someone else — and not only that, finishing something that is always necessarily secondary and supplemental to that work by someone else. 940 more words


Atonement and Economy

First, a bit of a meta-comment: faithful readers will note that some promised posts (notably on mysticism) have failed to materialize. Sorry. I’ve been a little terrible at keeping up on blog stuff this summer, what with conferences, trips, and my independent study. 1,250 more words