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handling the difficult delicately

c3 is a book about an important topic  It describes a typical sixteen year old American girl who is confronted by the sale of girls and women when she studies abroad for a semester in India. 355 more words


Sarah Jessica Parker

My obsession: she is and always will be FABULOUS. Never be afraid to take a risk with fashion, simply watch an episode of Sex and the City and let your creative juices flow!

Love Effie ♡


The Wardrobe of Youth

WAMSW often focuses on the younger half of the adult male spectrum. We know this. But that does not, in any way, mean that fashion is only a young man’s game. 315 more words

Men's Fashion

April Autism Acceptance series #3: “Age Appropriate” play and toys

This is the third post in the April Autism Acceptance Series.

One of the things I see most often when I poke around in autism parent forums, is the concern that their child isn’t playing with “age appropriate” toys or doesn’t have “age appropriate” interests. 620 more words


Age appropriate chores

Not sure if I posted this before. But I adore this chart…


Age Appropriate Chores

When trying to recruit your kids to help clean, I have found that the more fun you make it the better off you all will be. 251 more words

Guest Contributor Terri Barr speaks about turning 60!!!

I recently turned 60 and it was fun! Not painful like I imagined. What is painful is trying to read small print on an Advil bottle or directions on how to prepare a pasta side dish. 250 more words