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Life is for living

Many would agree that to enjoy life to the full we must live in the present moment, appreciating what we have and being mindful of our surroundings and others. 1,116 more words


My Photo "Vertical Lines" Will Be Published in August

I just heard from Four Ties Lit Review an e-publisher that my colorful photo titled “Vertical Lines will be published in Issue III by August. It will be in a PDF Version  online and eventually on Smashwords. 21 more words


Let's talk about sex, baby...


And by baby I am referring to my actual baby. She is 11.  I think she read somewhere that she is supposed to ask sexual questions every night at bedtime.   793 more words


This is not about Bindi Irwin. This is about society's expectations.


Okay, would everyone just calm down.

Breathe in, breathe out.

We need to talk about a little somebody called Bindi Irwin. For all those who are not aware of this “Bindi Irwin”, I’ll give you the low-down: 1,403 more words


ProQuest Selected My Article on the Luna Moth

My nonfiction children’s article “The Beautiful Luna Moth” which was published by http://www.kidsimaginationtrain.com was selected to be included by the illustrious ProQuest online research company for their K-12 database. 47 more words


The Great Music Debate

…my son finally got the tuner that he needed to connect to his “old school” 3 ft. tall speakers so they would work.  Thump, thump, thump, thump – sound (I definitely wouldn’t call it music) was BLASTING throughout the house.   522 more words

Happy 102 Nennie!

If you are in your late 40′s and still have your maternal grandmother around, raise your hand.  How about your paternal grandmother?  Now for the winner takes all, if you are pushing 50 and still have both grandmothers around, alive and kicking, raise both hands and take a bow because according to my poll, you are one of the few who does.  336 more words