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"Full Circle" Poetry Book is For Sale in Several Places

My poetry book  “Full Circle” can be purchased online for $12.50 from Amazon and Kelsay Books. The cover photo and black and white photos (taken by me) are included with the poems. 45 more words


It's Finally Ready - "Full Circle" is Available

Kelsay Books publisher has done a wonderful job editing. The following link shows their website: http://astore.amazon.com/kelsbook-20/detail/0692265031

The book sells for $12.00 on Amazon and also on Kelsay Book website listed above, but, if you’re interested, leave a comment and I will sell it somewhat cheaper. 14 more words


212. the genius of the crowd: Charles Bukowski

I don’t know if the title is capitalized or not. It is where I got it from, but I suspect that’s wrong, or an auto-function of the website. 403 more words

Middle School Poetry 180

A Sneak Preview of My Poetry Book

My third poetry book “Full Circle” is in the process of being printed.

I’ve included a photo that I took of the cover and I hope you find it appealing. 41 more words


How to Dress APPROPRIATELY on Casual Friday

Casual Friday, two words that are often a source of frustration for employers and confusion to employees. What once began as a means of feeling more relaxed at the office prior to the weekend has ended in horror for some businesses and refused completely by others. 684 more words

NEW 2014/15 Summer Range - Splash

Introducing Splash

 Our Splash range is bright, fluoro, colourful, fun and really out their. This is a real show stopper with fluoro purple, lime green, blue, pink and orange. 33 more words

What is "age-appropriate" for a Mom?

One of my FB friends posted recently about women older than those in their teens or twenties wearing clothing from the Victoria’s Secret “PINK” line. Since these clothes are often worn by younger women, what does it say when older women wear those clothes? 694 more words