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Magic Mess: Don't Do This Over 40!!! (VIDEO)

Video model Vida Guerra recently posted a video of her twerking in a thong in front of the Xmas tree. Vida looks great, but many of the comments were focused on her being over 40 and twerking for the world to see. 108 more words

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The Excited School Child vs. The Opinionated Adult

There is such a thing as a child’s age-appropriate lesson being derailed and confused by an unthinking, loud-mouth adult.

Christopher Columbus discovered America. My son Roman was thrilled, soaking in a ton of new knowledge like a sponge. 872 more words


Teen Dating: Radio Interview with Star88.3

Are your teens dating? Are they talking about dating? How do you know if they are ready? Are you even ready? I spend a few minutes with Melissa Montana from Star 88.3 to discuss these very questions.

Interview with Star88.3

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Another Acceptance by ProQuest

My children’s nonfiction article “The Annoying Guests” which was published in October by Kids Imagination Train has been re-sold to ProQuest database for an acceptable price. 59 more words


Dating 101: Pick on someone your own age

Edward, the fancy-schmancy San Francisco restaurateur, learned early on to “Date his own decade.”

After his divorce, he reveled in the parade of twenty-thirty something models and aging debutantes who frequented his restaurant and Café. 453 more words

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Twenty Wild Turkeys Came to Visit

Early this morning we saw twenty turkeys in our front yard.

As they started to cross the road a lone turkey caught up with the others. 33 more words

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Breakfast on the fly

Oh, this falls into the categories of:
So pathetic it’s funny.
Is it 5:00 somewhere?


Last night was Halloween, 856 more words

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