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“You’re old enough to retire, right?”

Get somebody at your company to say these magic words three times, click your heels, and your company may be liable for a $2.5 million jury verdict for age discrimination. 193 more words

Age Discrimination In Employment Act

IBM Takes Novel Approach to Dodge Age Disclosures.

Citing “privacy” concerns, IBM has stopped disclosing Older Worker Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) information identifying job titles and ages of those being separated and retained during recent layoffs, according to published reports by Bloomberg. 138 more words

Age Discrimination In Employment Act

Pa. Court Trainee Was Fired Due to Age, EEOC Alleges in Suit; Discriminatory Remark Made

Remind your supervisors and trainers never to discuss the age of the persons who report to them. That seems rather obvious advice, but ignoring it could land your company on the wrong end of an age discrimination lawsuit. 154 more words