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Sputnik: At Least Two Dead in US Portland High School Shooting

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00:18 13.12.2014(updated 02:37 13.12.2014)

As a result of a shooting at Rosemary Anderson High School in Portland, Oregon at least two people were killed, the police is currently searching the suspect or suspects, which have left the area. 190 more words


EEOC Extracts $138,000 Settlement From School District That Ran Early Retirement Program

It’s legal to give employees an incentive to retire early, but it’s not legal to make the incentives greater for one set of employees than another on the basis of their age. 115 more words

Second Circuit Brief in IFP, Pro Se Employment Discrimination Complaint against Mohegan Sun Casino

Here is the tribe’s brief in Tremblay v. Mohegan Sun Casino:

Mohegan Brief

From the brief:

On May 20, 2014, the Court granted the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss based on sovereign immunity.

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Author: Matthew L.M. Fletcher

When Is It the Right Time? Clashing Perspectives Regarding Mandatory Retirement

As life expectancy in the U.S. increases each year, so too does the need for aging individuals to plan for this extended existence increase in importance. 1,224 more words