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Sex for Grown Ups

Be aware this post discusses consensual BDSM and age play. 

You may have noticed that the government, pushed by the anti sex work lobby and groups like Rape Crisis South London (who as far as I can see should be referred to the charity commissioners) have extended the controls over what can be produced in porn in the UK. 635 more words

Meredith O'Reilly visits! "Learning to be Little Again"

I’m so happy to have my friend, Meredith O’Reilly visiting me today with her brand new AP! :)

A little Thanks!

Hi Katherine! I just wanted to say thank you so much for having me on your blog today!   877 more words


Fun times.

I had one hell of a weekend! This past weekend I’ve become the slave to my old Macbook and trying to get it up and running again. 568 more words


Party? Party!

Daddy and I are going to a party this weekend. Now this is the same party I wrote about a few months back where I had a fairly awful time due to people’s stupidity and lack of consent. 268 more words


Becoming little.

I was asked on my Tumblr the other day how I got into ageplay/abdl and I’d like to share that story here for those who might be curious. 226 more words

Kink Talk

:grumble I'm a bad blogger grumble:

I am seriously awful at updating. >.> My apologizes to the few people who may actually read this blog. If you didn’t notice, I changed the theme of my blog. 277 more words


Jessi and the Doctor

My very first story is about to debut on Amazon! It’s the story of Little Jessi’s first trip to the doctor:

18 year old Jessi Smithson is about to head off for her freshmen year of college. 63 more words

Age Play