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Enter title here or maybe not

I finally decided to come back to my blog. It has probably been a year, or almost a year since I last updated. There were a few times before this that I actually logged on just to see how different things are going around here… and there are a few drafts that I thought I wanted to post, but I couldn’t find the courage or motivation to finish them up. 379 more words

Among Other Things

Another one, just for the heck of it; I love semicolons

I’m going to talk about myself, probably in run-on sentences, as if there were something to be learned from it. You are about to read a lot of “I”s. 913 more words

Young and old (SoCS August 30th, 2014)

Prompt for SoCS Friday reminder is young, old, or anything to do with age. That’s it! Have fun! Okay, so I’m a bit behind. My age allows for tardiness, prioritizing and forgiving myself for forgetting. 532 more words


The Mortality of Fear

Tomorrow will be Thing I‘s fourteenth birthday. It’s quite unnerving to think she’s that old already. 

If I think about taking the time we had in Bangladesh – a good 5-6 years – and jump forward that same amount of time again,  610 more words


Swimmer's ear

And sometimes I swim
even when I don’t want to
because of hearing my father
wending his way slowly
up to the roof of the Dos Mille… 19 more words


A Walk

Have you ever taken a walk through what is basically familiar territory and allowed yourself to wander until you felt completely out of touch with the familiar? 291 more words


Music Box: Pulp's "This Is Hardcore"

Pulp’s This Is Hardcore, released in 1998, is a testament of anxiety in our culture, the diary of someone failing at life despite having success, a war report from the front of unsuccessfully battling to fill the void. 1,405 more words