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Days went by fast.. I didn’t realize I haven’t visited WordPress in quite a long time.. !! Long enough that I had even forgotten my password.. 186 more words

It's Been a Long Time

Finite Creatures:  At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

Hello little one. Welcome to this strange and wonderful place!

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Pushing 40

Last night as I was lying in bed thinking about things before I fell asleep I had a realization that I’ve never had before.

Pretty soon I’ll be celebrating my 39th birthday and, of course, these birthdays keep pushing me closer and closer to 40. 175 more words


College Park’s age demographics trend toward age 20, affecting life for all

By Annika McGinnis, The Diamondback (May 10, 2013)

For Jissella Urquilla, Berwyn Road’s tree-lined row of brick houses and hole-in-the-wall shops is home.

She’s grown up surrounded by college students for 16 years, accustomed to ever-changing fast-food restaurants on Route 1, loud parties and not knowing many of her neighbors. 948 more words


cave painting days

When did we start being so aware of generational cut-off points. Like, modern times, with our “Millennials” and “Baby Boomers” and “Gen X-ers.” Blaming each other for things like soaking up all the healthcare dollars, or having no wherewithal, or destroying the planetary ecosystem, or not knowing real rock ‘n’ roll when we hear it. 86 more words

Halloween I

Halloween I: The Comfort of Fear
There was the one in her closet, which she never heard, nor saw, nor smelt, yet knew was there. The others, if there were others, did not disturb him, for he was immense and probably furry. 2,030 more words


The Real Whirled: 8 Essential Life Skills for ADHD Teens

Every age is an adventure with ADHD, but teens and young adults aged 16 – 24 are facing a particularly big challenge in managing and fitting in to the real world. 29 more words

ADHD @ Home