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Gloomy Rantings

Every year, the month of December finds me in my gloomiest of moods. I’m snappy, I get irritated very fast and it’s basically an entire year of crappiness stuffed into one month. 418 more words


UnSizeMe Please!

What kind of yoga studio has a name like UnSizeMe? And what does it mean? I had a couple of people tell me that it is a great hot yoga studio in Oak Harbor and as I’m always up for a new adventure I decided to give it a try. 556 more words


Listening to the Past

Haha, remembering my childhood! Love Disney movies and anything Disney in general. Hannah Montana was literally my life. Dressed up as her with a blonde wig and I even have a poster. Ah memories…


What do you see?

Age, It’s a thing we either don’t mind or it’s a thing we loath. Some say “grow old gracefully”, some say “never grow up”. Looking in the mirror as i do from time to time i see a aging guy looking back at me and i think, how is this me…. 347 more words


10 Questions Everyone Hates Being Asked At Some Point In Their Lives [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Jasmine Sanders has top 10 questions that everyone hates being asked at some point, from pregnancy to weight loss, here are the questions you might want to rethink asking next time they pop into your head! 116 more words


Ghost Echoes

Another brilliant video from Antiquity Echoes.


A Victorian era train station sits idly by, as the very city it helped to create ignores and neglects it into oblivion. 191 more words

Abandoned Places