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Juvederma Voluma XC

As we age we lose volume in the cheek and gain volume in the lower face. The youthful face is shaped more like an inverted triangle.  25 more words

Berserk: Golden Age Arc III - The Advent [Blu-ray]

The visceral conclusion of the epic BERSERK The Golden Age Arc trilogy is finally here! It s been a year since Griffith s imprisonment by the Kingdom of Midland. 68 more words

NaPoWriMo Day 19: The Next Step

On the other side,
you see a light;
bright; welcoming,
perhaps – but
from where you
are, you
cannot see
the source.

A homely fire… 28 more words


Transformers: Age of Extinction First Edition Optimus Prime Figure

View larger Transformers: Age of Extinction First Edition Optimus Prime A new era in the epic Transformers saga begins with Transformers: Age of Extinction. Three years after the Battle of Chicago, the war between the Autobots and Decepticons rages on with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. 421 more words

Slow Turns and Long Roads

Show me a blessing and let me bestow a curse,
An oath of sorts, born as I, into the staid slide of revolution,
My only arms in this toxic rebellion, the electric shock of so much static; 328 more words


One is the loneliest number...

I’ve been feeling really alone in my own little world at work lately. Well, I guess it’s been this whole year. But just lately, I’ve been feeling it  1,067 more words

A Bowl Of Life