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Life in Too Many Water Metaphors

I’m beginning to understand just how much work life is.

As I was inching along with the monotonous I-5 traffic the other day, I couldn’t help sinking into this devastating realization like quicksand. 645 more words

Just Thinking

Remembering 13

Each time I return home after being at Uni for a few months, my little sister is almost a completely different person. She’s 7 years younger than me, and so much better off than I was when I was her age. 622 more words

Why Johnny Can't Preach

Why Johnny Can’t Preach is a book written by David Gordon stirred with a concern for the decline in preaching today. The goal of the book is directed toward this. 992 more words


What Now? How the Generation-Y will win

I hate my age in the work place. Simply hate it! Experience is extremely valuable yet I strongly believe time has nothing to do with it’s worth. 693 more words

Generation Y

Visualizing Age-Length Keys -- More

I recently posted on the addition of ageKeyPlot() to the FSA package for visualizing age-length keys. Since that post, I have added one more type of plot as illustrated below. 222 more words

Fisheries Science


When I opened up Facebook today my newsfeed was full of Graduation pictures. My juniors are graduating. They had their bunk day, they had their graduation rehearsal, their farewell is tomorrow and then they’ll graduate. 271 more words