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Straight Up Ageism: The Straight Story

The Straight Story, a 1999 Disney film by the distinguished (and rather bizarre) filmmaker David Lynch, focuses on the story of Alvin Straight, a 73 year old man living in a rural midwestern community.  814 more words

The 30 Something Exodus

You might have noticed something rather…specific about Bushwick’s demographic: Everyone’s either a zygote or old as fuck (that means 40). Like the missing middle class in America, Bushwick is missing the middle point between birth and death–your 30s. 294 more words


Belleville Ontario Bridge Sidney Square DOLLARAMA

Wow it has been a really long time since I saw a sign with such open prejudice to a segment of the population But I saw it in Sidney Square Belleville Ontario DOLLARAMA!   312 more words

Outdated attitudes towards older people

Australia, like many other countries, is currently considering raising the retirement age. This is a very simplistic response to the fact that we continue to live longer, making us a perceived burden in terms of increased pensions. 442 more words


Robot & Frank: The Future of Ageism

Picture this – in a not too distant future, older adults suffering from debilitating conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are serviced by robotic home aides that are programmed to assist with a patient’s activities of daily life.  862 more words

Guest Post: Segue To Silver

Good morning, ProviderNation. This month’s edition of the great glossy asks whether ageism is getting in the way of quality long term care. This morning, we feature a guest post from Kathy Hagen, on learning to love the look of aging. 706 more words

Long Term Care

How To Be A Thirty-Something Snob

In a funny conversation this morning,  a friend told me that his Sunday plans got changed;  his Dungeon Master was out of town and his… 313 more words

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