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OLD DOGS and CHILDREN and WATERMELON WINE: Life in the 80s...and we're not talking about the decade of big hair & shoulder pads

Introduction from editor/daughter Maggie: I have the pleasure of hearing my mom and dad’s funny stories at least once a week when we talk on the phone. 3,288 more words

A Brave New Guardianship For Mom

“I’m trapped in a web of people and lawyers that will exhaust my 50 years of sacrifices and savings,” he wrote. “Please, dear God, grant me strength and wisdom to take care of my wife.” 566 more words


20+ Reasons Why People Don't Report Their Rape To The Police

Trigger warning: sexual assault, police brutality, rape culture, ableism, ageism, sexism

Owing to various societal barriers, there are a great number of reasons why people wouldn’t want to report their rape. 470 more words


What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Monday morning, the snowflakes are floating down from the white sky. We’re supposed to have a doozy of a snowstorm, but those little flakes don’t seem  threatening right now. 861 more words


Who Do You Think You’re Calling “Old”?

Posted Jan 20, 2015; By Bob Weinstein

To most baby boomers, aging is an abhorrent word we’d rather not deal with. Who wants to fess up to getting older when everything around us is screaming young? 345 more words

Learning to Be Old

Another year has gone by… a bittersweet year as it saw the deaths of my first teenage love and the childhood friend who celebrated the same birthday as I. 878 more words

Age Discrimination

Old Age: Barrier To Employment?

When you are twenty-six, but look nineteen, your youthful looks can be a detriment to finding meaningful employment. Oh sure it becomes relatively easy to get some entry-level jobs, but the real career jobs are harder to come by because few take you seriously believing you too young to grasp the responsibilities. 890 more words