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I think I'm pretty

Not ever, really. Sometimes, when the sun hits me right and my high-sodium dinner regroups in my morning lip fat, and I walk past the mirror at the proper speed and angle. 479 more words



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to junior model Eden and SR models Jess, Varina and Halla!

You share your birthday with the wonderful Tessa Reynolds…we hope you’re getting as spoilt as she is!



Treats Galore!

As you know, we’re never one to pass by a birthday in the SR office…no matter what your age! So today we celebrate the birthday of not 1, but 2 SR colleagues – Tessa and Alex. 62 more words


Color me Grey

Introducing SR actor Julian Kostov as “Nicolai”…

The Story

Sometimes you don’t find your moment. It finds you. When the city’s most notorious crime syndicate decides to go through a restructure within their organization, some of the biggest, and lowest, level players look to take advantage of this. 137 more words


The Good Ship Recruitment

This poem is in response to the prompt found here: http://ryanlanz.com/2015/01/28/writing-prompts-pirates/

Passing the bobbling barrel,
The Pirates head inside to see,
A man of which they’ve heard a lot, 90 more words


Laura Desmond’s Singapore visit

Singapore/SEA Headquarters, January 28 2015 – SMG Singapore was delighted to host our global CEO, Laura Desmond, COO John Sheehy and regional & country CEOs in our office. 215 more words

SMG South East Asia

Hope: Rule #3

Rule #3 – Always ask how local needs might be supplied from local sources, including the mutual help of neighbours.

As a latch-key kid of the 70’s and early 80’s, I spent a lot of time watching sit-com reruns on TV, when I wasn’t hanging out at the library.  1,083 more words

Holy Spirit