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October 24, 2014

Math:  place value practice:  word, expanded,standard,value

ELA: Compare and Contrast Structure, Big Cats

Social Studies:  Southwest peoples

Science:  Boy in the Water

Lunch:  1.  pizza crunchers    2.  chicken sandwich


agenda Fri Oct 24: POETRY FRIDAY. capturing confusion

learning goal: how can I capture confusion with concrete imagery and metaphors?

introduction ot imagery and metaphors in Macbeth 1.3

begin composing an original “poem of confusion,” using concrete imagery with a main metaphor of… 7 more words


agenda Fri Oct 24: for whom am I writing?

learning goal: to see your essay audience as next year’s seniors

review of classmates’ ideas

summary of essay about Christian language in the poem


Join our November Forex FXStreetEvents

October has been a very active month for us, a month where we have grown in number, in cities and engagement.

News, news, news!

We welcome this November two new cities to our network of trading groups: … 185 more words

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Day 48~ 10/24/14


  1. Warm Up: Manga or finish Quiz if you have not yet
  2. Correct Homework: Homework Q&A: Skill Builder 6 & 7 PAGE 29 and 30…
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Making Sense of Ottawa Shooting

Source: HenryMakow.com,by Henry Makow Ph.D.October 22, 2014

Everything was calculated to exaggerate the threat. Here’s why. If Bibeau was working for ISIS, and ISIS is Western-backed, then this indeed was a false flag. 619 more words

War On Terror

Council Agenda - Oct 28, 2014

Location: Business 208 @ 3:00 PM

1. Officer’s Reports
2. Labor Management Updates
3. Negotiations Resource Committee Report
4. Part-Time Adjunct Subcommittee
5. Rep Council Meeting Conflicts
6. Other