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a pretty agenda will (hopefully) get me organized... i think

so i LOVE printouts. and i always envy them, i know thats super duper weird but its true. no lying on this site. no sirrrrey. 254 more words


Starting Fresh with May Designs

The past few years, I had Vera Bradley and Lilly Pulitzer planners to keep me organized, but after graduating, my needs have changed somewhat. I no longer have three or four classes a day with multiple assignments each, and so I didn’t need something quite so huge and spread out. 478 more words

Back to school #2014 #1

Ja ik weet het, de meesten zitten nog midden in de vakantie maar toch komt het naar school gaan weer dichtbij. Daarom een back to school artikel met in dit artikel tips voor een overzichtelijke agenda.


El libro que cambió mi vida: Carla Faesler

Carla Faesler es autora de Formol, una novela recientemente publicada por Tusquets que cuenta la historia de la familia Larca, en cuya biblioteca fue hallado un corazón humano en un frasco de formol. 305 more words



Hello Fashion world!

It’s about to be that time of the year! Catch Matteson Blvd. at Magic 2014 in Las Vegas come August 18th – 20th. 131 more words


Ms. Songer, Where Do I Start?

You don’t know where to start?  Here, let me help you.

ASSIGNMENT:  Your assignment is to heighten public awareness, interest, and activism while enforcing democratic freedoms and governmental transparency as they pertain to an issue involving public health and safety in three countries – PIECE OF CAKE!! 400 more words