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San Diego Comic Con Preview Day News

Ok so I am going to do my best to keep up with a little bit of San Diego Comic Con info. Sadly I am un able to attend this year. 874 more words

Movie News

Sony sets 'Uncharted' for June 10, 2016

The highly anticipated film adaptation of the popular Playstation video game, Uncharted has an official release date. The long developed Nathan Drake film will take the place of… 153 more words


Hitman Absolution

Yes I know the game is out for more than a year but I just got it recently and tried it.

I remember the firsts episodes of the series. 170 more words

Quick Video Game Movie Update

I’m going to get all of us on the same page, when it comes to video game movies:

Resident Evil: Rising: It’s planned to come out sometime in 2o15. 452 more words


Panem et circenses I

French. MagyarSerbian.

A fairly objective news report  has arrived from Norway in relation to the process.

If you by any chance don’t know Norwegian you can always try Google translate. 76 more words