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Size of stack and variadic argments

I want to reuse some of the code which I am inheriting from previous developers. I am writing a routine which can handle formatted strings. There is already a variadic function from previous work which does it in some other context.(against which I cant link.) 221 more words


How to store objects in an array

I am at a stage where I have gone beyond syntax errors so I am finding it difficult regarding why at times my code does not behave correctly and this is one of those times and would love your guidance on this. 463 more words


Java character casing inconsistency issue

I have this issue: I am supposed to read a text file and for a set of letters if they are in lowercase then I must convert them to uppercase. 153 more words


My 50 Favorite Flicks • #6

Take the red pill…

The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix really was the bridge between the 1990’s practical effect action movie, and the 2000’s CGI fest.  When I first saw this in the theatre, I was blown away. 86 more words

50 Favorite Film Sketches

Monolithic kernel user space

I am writing a monolithic OS(It is a joke to call it an OS but it does have very minimal, school level functionalists).
When I say monolithic, I meant, it is compiled as a single binary blob and no support for file system etc. 216 more words


Smith To Replace McCarthy At EPA

THE CABIN ANTHRAX, MURPHY, N.C. (CT&P) – Disgusted with the glacial pace of environmental reform and the gas and oil industry’s stubborn refusal to admit culpability for the world’s ongoing climate crisis, President Obama has announced sweeping changes at the EPA including the appointment of a new administrator, Agent Smith. 540 more words