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Rewinding the Week (4.20.2014)

Welcome to an Easter edition of Rewinding the Week, a look back at the tv shows that I found good enough to watch.

Game of Thrones: 318 more words


What the Boss Likes - Captain America: The Winter Soldier and a few more beers

First off, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is great. I always am shy about seeing what amount to “second act” movies, where everything goes to hell to set up for the big win at the end. 542 more words


Agents of SHIELD S01E19 "The Only Light In The Darkness" Clips

What’s this? Agents of SHIELD is finally showing a villain with actual powers? Am I dreaming? In the clips down below from the upcoming episode, “The Only Light In The Darkness,” the Agents find themselves up against… 181 more words


"Captain America - The Winter Soldier" (Film Review #2)

By Shane M. Dallmann

Sorry for the somewhat delayed review–I’ve been just a little bit busy these days! But look at it this way, by now all the “Hail Hydra” memes must be making sense to you, right? 346 more words

Agents of SHIELD - upping the continuity game

I don’t normally blog on a Saturday, but last night I caught up on Agents of SHIELD. And I have to say, Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, I bow down before your superior program-making skills. 320 more words


P is for Peter Petrelli

Heroes had one of the best first seasons of a show in recent memory, which in part stands out because it had such a decline thereafter. 672 more words

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