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Secret Agent Man.

As some of you may know, I’ve been actively seeking the services of a reputable literary agent since November mainly because of the advice of one Scott Westerfeld of YA fame. 434 more words

Weekly Finds: Princesses, Agents, and Delicious Food

I saw on, of all things, a People magazine article that Disney will be coming out with a new Disney Princess, Elena. This will be Disney’s first Latina princess, which I think is a good step towards diversifying their lineup. 247 more words

Weekly Finds

Better the devil you know?

Football Agents are like marmite, players love them and almost everyone else hates them. They have been described as everything from “parasites” (Ian Holloway) to “ridiculous” (Sir Alex Ferguson). 366 more words

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Avoid A Wet Winter Basement With These Home Saving Tips

Home is where the heart is, as the old saying goes. The last thing you want in your place of residence is a basement that’s wet during the winter. 522 more words

Embrace Your Body To Pass Through The Age Of Anxiety, by Danny Kemp (with due regard to WH Auden)

One doesn’t have to dress for dinner,
But if dining with strangers it’s probably better so to do!

One doesn’t have to be dressed to commit murder, 123 more words

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