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What the $#!+ do you mean Hail Hydra? Why would you support the team that’s CLEARLY the bad guys? I mean come on, they want to conquer the world and do evil things. 54 more words


Making Fun Of Link Bait

I mentioned “Link Bait” in my previous post. I personally believe that this idea is ridiculous.

So, my brothers and I made fun of Link Bait by filming a video which mocked the idea. 67 more words


Ode To My Agent by Sarah Crossan

Written in haste and love:
Ode To My Agent

She found me in the slush pile,
Which I never thought she would,
Her email clearly said, “Send more!” 446 more words

The "Just Be" Rule for Spec Screenwriters

Just be entertaining. Just have fun. Just know who you are and write for yourself. You’re the audience. Don’t try to guess your audience and give them what they want, give yourself what you want. 1,054 more words

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Comedy Pro-Tip: How NOT to Ask a Booker For Work

Do NOT ask for work in the first contact you have with someone. Introduce yourself and ask how to submit. You’re human first, comic second. 178 more words

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