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Literary Agents: Friend or Foe?

Good agents, poor agents, inexperienced agents, crooked agents. How’s a writer to know? Awhile back, I attended a writers’ meeting where a published author of young adult books spoke of an agent who turned down a $10,000 advance for the author’s book by saying, “We don’t have to worry about that now.” The author quickly got rid of that agent. 320 more words

On Writing

The Secret to Writing Good Characters

Characters make or break a novel, especially for agents. When agents get 100s of manuscripts submitted per month, what is it that draws us to some books and not others? 142 more words


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Hello World! Lifting the Veil on RE/MAX Complete Solutions Blog

A very big “Hello” and “Welcome” to RE/MAX Complete Solutions new official blog. As we unwrap it just now, we really hope that you all will appreciate and love seeing it emerging as a valuable resource of tips and treasure trove of information on how you can find or sell the best real estate properties in Dwarka, Delhi and also the nitty-gritty of the real estate space . 268 more words


Thoughts on Books and My Brother

This is going to be a slice-of-life post, I guess.

Today, I finished reading American Gods, made myself some tea – after spilling loose tealeaves all over the rug-covered floor and picking up every little individual stem, leaf, and blossom – and then sat down at my desk and started querying the list of agents I made up earlier in the week (from researching who’s accepting YA fiction and checking in with the Preditors vs. 299 more words


Blog 23: Agents - are they the Work of the Devil?...

Agents. They’re a rum lot, I can tell you. I appreciate everyone under the writing sun tells you to get an agent (well, everyone except one lovely crime writer at a writers’ conference I used to attend, who said they weren’t much point and she’d got rid of hers – good move, madam!) as they’re the best thing for any level of writer. 1,237 more words


Getting It Together

This is the cover of the Clare and I collection on wattpad.com.

Publishing the book on-line has been a pain in the neck. I love the opportunity and the possibilities digital printing offers but, for each site I’m on, there’s a whole new layer of technical capabilities/directions/rules/kinks.   700 more words

The Berlin Deception by Jeffrey Vanke

Vanke, Jeffrey. The Berlin Deception. Lexington, KY: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013. Print. ISBN: 9781492817291, Price: USD $11.81.

“Don’t stand so close to proper Aryans!” shouted the thuggish hulk of an SS corporal. 122 more words