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Clapham Letting Agents Are appropriate for Handling Expat Properties

U.K. residents from Clapham can relate to the opportunity of a better life overseas, but prefer to see the properties they left behind house a new set of occupants– like expatriates– and generate additional income as well. 64 more words

Getting that first agent rejection: Now I feel like a writer

I’ve been accused (rightfully) of having unusual perspectives on things. I guess being relieved to have received my first agent rejection falls into that category. 450 more words


August Blues


I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself these past few weeks. And it really shows in the lack of writing I have done here on my blog or in my personal writings. 600 more words

A Day In The Life

A Plan--Man!

Has anyone ever told you to get beyond being a hobbyist you must begin thinking like a professional? Many writers don’t think beyond hobbyists until they try to be published and many don’t move beyond this point even then. 136 more words

A Publisher is Reading My Novel

I don’t normally share this kind of news, because I am afraid to jinx it, but a publisher has agreed to read my legal thriller, … 368 more words

Why It's Okay To Wait

When you’re an author, if there’s one thing you have to have, it’s patience. Patience for writing when there are babies crying in the background or you’re tired from a day’s work, patience for editing even though your eyes are crossing, patience for the agent query process and the inevitable wait times and rejections, and if you’re lucky, patience waiting on submissions to publishers. 1,197 more words

Blog Post

Sending my Book to Agents - Phase 2 - Part 2 - Old School Stylie.

Today I am wrapped up in a big, warm snuggly blanket of nostalgia, fond memories and my inner most dreams. 

I had to go to town to buy A4 paper, envelopes and bull dog clips as I needed to send my book to agents in paper form. 622 more words