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" I Want A Camera To Take Good Pictures "

The title is a phrase I hear regularly in our camera shop. Usually a new customer and generally either a Mum or Dad or someone going away in holiday. 364 more words


Scanning The Past Horizon - Digitising The Archives

A client this last week came into the shop and posed a question about making digital files out of his father’s colour slide collection. A worthy exercise, as it helps to preserve family history as well as views of a more general nature. 348 more words



This was a 1970’s ,120 mm, fixed focus box camera. It used a roll film and one roll could take all of 12 photographs.

Kind of Proud feeling that we have it in our collection.


Agfa Box 50

I had the luck of winning a camera from Revela-T, a beautiful AGFA Box 50.

It works at 1/60 or B time, with f/11 aperture, 120mm film for 8 shots of 6×9. 29 more words


My film collection

Just about a week ago I was called by the reception at work that a package arrived with my name on it. I was genuinely surprised, because I have never received anything unexpectedly at work. 1,679 more words