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Robocops and Multiculturalism

So it’s been a busy, exciting week. I have some projects coming down the line which I will be sharing with you all. A few things. 204 more words


Phaedo: Dialectics & Logos

I haven’t found a Soul of the East article I yet dislike. Just dive in and enjoy.

Phaedo: Dialectics & Logos.


Weekly Roundup - Coinalytics, Remark, dakwak


Get a 360-degree view of the Bitcoin ecosystem and make the right decisions.

Data Aggregation

Access all relevant data in one place and get a 360-degree view of… 696 more words

Selling A Prize To Appease The Devil

Here, a brilliant scientist, is declared an ‘un-person‘ because he dares point out the obvious fact of variable IQ in human races. And for that, despite all his gifts, care, and future work, he is banished from the community. 76 more words


Jumping the aggre chasm

On the subject of individuality versus group aggregates. And where the characteristics just don’t add up because they do. As in:

  • Elections. Every vote counts, but no single one matters.
  • 317 more words
Innovation (technologicallly Driven)

The Gulf Stream, Meteors, and the Russo-Sino Alliance

There is too much going on in the world to transmit my understanding in posts once a day. To remedy that I’ll offer a few sources for you all to explore for yourself. 224 more words