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Brief News Threatened for Being a Newsfeed

by Boris Smith, Journospection, 33 Summer 1394

Isn’t it terrible when newsfeed writers have sources, get scoops, and otherwise act like journalists?

The City Guard seems to think so.


Barrant's Market Shooter Identified

Brief News, 32 Summer 1394

The woman who shot five people on 29 Summer has been identified.

The shooting occurred at Uncle Smiley’s Restaurant in Barrant’s Market, Coryllan. 67 more words


Apologies to Cicero: Vetera Verba in his Favor

Yesterday, we might have been a bit unfair to our friend M. Tully Cicero

People seem into Seneca. Quick survey: who's the more loathsome ancient know-it-all, Seneca or Cicero?

251 more words

Coryfeed vs. Corynews: What Gives?

by Boris Smith, Journospection, 31 Summer 1394

The short-news market has been more crowded than usual lately, especially in the Borough of Coryllan, where Coryfeed once reigned unchallenged. 122 more words


Company Apologizes for Demonstration Where Rover Killed Cat

Corynews, 31 Summer 1394

Sengh Systems has offered an apology to the public after an automated reconaissance rover ran over a cat during a product demonstration in Lynn Meadows.


Outcry After Cat's Death at Rover Demonstration

Corynews, 30 Summer 1394

A public demonstration of an automated surveying vehicle sparked an outcry after the vehicle ran over a cat in front of spectators.


Shooting in Barrant's Market Leaves 5 Dead

Brief News, 30 Summer 1394

During last night’s supper rush at Uncle Smiley’s in Barrant’s Market, an armed woman walked in and opened fire, killing five people.