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The Wisdom of Charles Murray, To You Millenials

Ash Milton over at This Rough Beast, whom I strongly recommend you read, posted a talk by Charles Murray. To say that I agree with him would be an understatement. 63 more words


You Like Us? You'll Love These Guys, Too.

I guess I really like lists. So here are some of my favorites for keeping up with the trends here in the heartland.

1. For my bros out there, I know I don’t cater to you well. 198 more words

Storify Report: The underrepresentation of women in corporate leadership roles

“The future of news-gathering organisations is uncertain. But I believe if the media is going to remain relevant to all its readers, viewers and audiences, it needs to embrace gender equity, set in place targets and support women. 11 more words


Storify - an effective curation tool for journalists?

Storify is an aggregating tool, used by people to collect information from various sources to curate a story. Users collate pre-existing tweets, YouTube videos, images (preferably embeddable, visual content) to create an original piece. 806 more words


History of the Pin-up girl from 1800s

I find this article by the Huffington Post to be interesting. It details the success of the pin-up girl and the universal message of ultimate liberation of women. 604 more words


매번 햇갈리는 UML 정의

매번 햇갈리는 UML 정의가 있다. 바로 Aggregation과 Composition의 차이 이다.

  • Aggregation: 전체와 부분의 연관 관계를 맺지만, 그러나 동일한 생명 주기를 갖지는 않는다.
  • Composition: 전체와 부분이 강력한 연관 관계를 맺으며, 전체와 부분이 같은 생명 주기를 갖는다.
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