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I got my rock moves

Oh, the gym.

The gym, the gym, the gym.

Gym gymminy, gym gymminy, gym gym gyree…

The fucking gym.

I realize I haven’t posted since last week. 1,063 more words

Politics of War and Violence

In 2010, leading media analyst Edward Herman and U.C. Berkeley linguist David Peterson teamed up to write a monumental book called The Politics of Genocide… 1,523 more words


Cleopatra Cassiopeia Carrie Bradshaw Houdini Diamond Fyfe

We weren’t in the market for a new dog. It was 2005, I had finished vet school and was working full-time at a clinic in Bismarck. 1,628 more words

Is It OK to Spank Your Child?

I have a confession to make. I spanked my niece. She had been misbehaving so badly during lunch that I gave her a swat on the behind and put her to bed. 483 more words

Dr. Dog's Behavior Solutions - Stop Dog Behavior Problems Like Barking, Chewing, Aggression, Biting, Fighting

Learn how to stop dog behavior problems like barking, chewing, aggression, biting, soiling, fighting, digging and jumping.

Anger Management

I can admit that I sometimes need serious anger management.  In times when I am feeling so tense and I just want to punch somebody or scream, I turn to my Interactive Buddy.  72 more words