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My dark side

Therapist: Was it his lack of reaction that pushed you over the edge?

Me: I felt like i was talking to a wall. There i was, telling him that i still love him…and he didn’t even blinked. 998 more words


Pentagon Orders 600 Troops To Eastern Europe in Response to Russian Aggression in Ukraine

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Tuesday that it was sending 600 troops to Poland and the Baltic region for training exercises in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. 326 more words


Writing in Capitals

When I was a kid and first began to write out my letters, I was enamored by the capital versions of each, both in cursive and print. 626 more words

Blue Jay

royal raiment
so impressive to the eye
so nasty at heart
like his counterpart humans
steals thrones without compunction


Climbing Back Up A Slippery Slope

I love working with dogs more than anything I have ever done.  The downside is sometimes the dogs I see break my heart.  I met a dog last week that made me want to cry. 1,116 more words



The number one reason I play poker for is profit. Don’t get me wrong I have fun playing poker but I’d rather be on the beach sipping a Corona, with a pretty senorita by my side than at the poker tables grinding my ass off. 812 more words


Anger is Good

In school I was an angry boy. Only until I realized that my anger, like my fathers’, hurts people and they discouraged it. Making myself guilty by their anti-anger points of view and after owning their hurt as a causality of my own actions, I decided to rid myself of my anger. 286 more words