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Agile, the road to a new society where productivity and happiness soar hand in hand.

Isn’t it clear? I don’t think it is clear for everyone how much Agile can contribute to the biggest necessity in the future of this society. 671 more words

Agile Scrum

Explosions are imminent

I have seen it countless times, when faced with a challenge, people, businesses, revert to old, known behaviour. It takes courage to actually stand still, investigate what is right and be brave enough to implement it. 535 more words

Agile Scrum

Servant Leadership does not begin and end with the ScrumMaster®

One of the greatest challenges organizations face in Agile transformations is transforming traditional managers into Agile leaders.  An Agile manager’s role is quite different than a traditional manager.  509 more words


Scrum: Lessons from #leancoffee for team communication

As most Agilists know #leancoffee is a savvy and simple technique that we use to facilitate a session  focusing on top priority items first / and time boxing  conversations. 402 more words

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Welcome To RJC Project Solutions Inc.

About Our Company

​RJC Project Solutions Inc. is an Agile Project Management Consulting, Coaching and Training firm providing services to organizations looking to accelerate their return on investment (ROI) with their IT Projects.   363 more words


Go beyond the basics: Succeeding with Agile

Adopting Agile is a bit like learning to play football, it is easy to understand the rules, kick a ball, and get on the pitch! But that doesn’t make you a good footballer or mean you can pull off pirouettes;, just like learning the Agile framework and understanding how it works, the roles & principles doesn’t make you an Agilist. 418 more words

Agile & Scrum

Conversations with a team member: Yes, #agile and #scrum are new to me. But.....

Even coaches have Aha! moments.  And that moment  can be a joyous one. It happened  to me recently, and I felt a great desire to share it with the community. 547 more words

Agile - Scrum