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Advanced Agile Requirements: The perfect workshop for software developers

The Perfect Workshop in Agile Training

Learning Connexions offers a unique opportunity, a one-day workshop, which focuses on providing you with the necessary skills in BDD practices. 486 more words

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Are You Human?

Isaac Asimov’s science fiction short story “The Bicentennial Man” tells the tale of a robot named Andrew. With the help of some human benefactors, over a long time, Andrew replaces his robotic systems with biological parts, piece by piece by piece. 363 more words

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Whitehurst: on DevOps, apps, and infrastructure; Blogagility - Agile Scrum is the answer

An analysis

Jim Whitehurst discussed the interactions or lack thereof between infrastructure and operational folks and the guys who are locked in the closet – developers – in an interview with Fredric Paul (Network World). 324 more words


Critiquing One of My Own Real User Stories

Originally posted on http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/blog

I am a fan of Mike Cohn and follow his blog, books, and courses regularly. He makes a great point about how we sometimes jump right into solving the problem rather than stating goals, documenting requirements, constraints and criteria for acceptance. 115 more words

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Building a highly efficient team is building highly efficient individuals

Highly efficient teams exponentially increase business value.

I am a scrum master, but my area of expertise is the subtleties of human interaction and making individuals more efficient.   910 more words

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All About Scrum

Scrum is an iterative, incremental process for developing any product or managing any work. Scrum concentrates on how the team members should function in order to produce the system flexibility in a constantly changing environment. 239 more words