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Why am I not writing about scrum?

It’s funny, As a scrum masters’ blog, you would expect to see more posts about scrum or agile.

So why don’t I write more about scrum as the framework? 536 more words

Agile Scrum

Just start writing and never give up.

I promised myself to write this blog every Sunday, but today, when I try to focus on what to write about, there is a bit of block there. 849 more words

Agile Scrum

Working in Agile - Creating a Product Roadmap - Estimating and ordering the products features

You have identified your product requirements and arranged those requirements into logical groups. Next, you estimate and order the requirements. Here are a few terms to be familiar with: 572 more words

Experimenting at work, the agile way.

As you know, I am fascinated by the impact of positivity on performance, productivity, employee loyalty and health. But now I want to transition from doing personal experiments to doing group experiments. 500 more words

Agile Scrum

#Scrum simulation with legos

It is always good to revisit.  And during the revisit there is a new learning, old perceptions are revisited, and clarified.  And I had this opportunity at our meetup this evening. 258 more words

Agile - Scrum

#agile2014 Bring your #product #idea to life


My session for #Agile2014

Where is the idea for a product born? When does it become a narrative? A story? How does it make its journey into this world?
 620 more words

Agile - Scrum

win-win revolution that will see happiness and productivity soar, hand in hand

As Scrum masters, sometimes, you forget the depths of the impact we are making, not just for our direct teams and organisations, but for the future, we are shaping right now. 540 more words

Agile Scrum