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Are there any popular HR theories relevant to Scrum? Yes!

There are a number of HR theories that are useful in an organization that applies Scrum. The following is a discussion on some popular HR theories relevant to Scrum. 2,056 more words

SCRUMstudy narrates the story behind the origin of Scrum





In the mid 80’s, Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka defined a flexible and all-inclusive product development strategy where the development team works as a unit to reach a common goal. 196 more words

Scrum and Leadership Styles

Leadership styles vary depending on the organization, the situation, and even the specific individuals and objectives of the Scrum project. The leadership style will determine the work culture of the team and also the behaviour of the Scrum Team members. 386 more words

Agile Scrum


Well, to start off with, there are multiple levels in the Scrum certification and quite often, people do have questions regarding where to start with or how to start with. 332 more words


Scrum boards: An effective tool to maintain transparency in Scrum

Scrum boards: An effective tool to maintain transparency in Scrum

Scrum boards are an important and effective way to maintain transparency on Scrum projects. Scrum boards depict the progress of the team during a particular sprint. 263 more words


Scrum Projects :How is Technical Debt Handled in Scrum Projects?

One of the guiding principles of Scrum is to develop the functionality of the highest priority to the customer first. Less important features are developed in subsequent Sprints or can be left out altogether according to the customer’s requirements. 479 more words

Scrum : What is the Scrum Approach to Managing Quality in a Project?

Generally, in a Scrum environment, the Product Owner’s focus is on business requirements and objectives. The Product Owner, being the Voice of the Customer (VOC), is responsible for communicating the requirements prior to the designing of a product or service to the Scrum Team. 636 more words