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Discovery and Delivery: A Balancing Act

After returning to work and the world of video game development, I continued to reflect on David Hussman’s point about balancing discovery and delivery when leading agility. 407 more words


The Mopani Tree is out! http://t.co/6hWRWn7Zjz Stories via @tecpartnermcd @aternoy @Inside_EA

— patrick stevens (@patrickmstevens) November 22, 2014

Patrick Stevens (@patrickmstevens) produce a paper aggregating blog post on How Agile Development Save Money. This blog post was included!


I Love Agile

A month or so ago someone told me that they wanted to introduce Agile development but they had heard that I didn’t like Agile. I have to say that I was shocked by this as it isn’t true, I love Agile. 165 more words


It's All About Tests - Part 3

In the previous two posts I discussed mostly about the philosophy and attitude of developing with testing.
In this post I give some tips and tools examples for testing. 802 more words


AgileSelfie - The India Super League, marks the beginning of professional football in India. Is this the beginning of the decline of Indian cricket ????

Now we have a choice other than watching cricket. Anyway cricket without Sachin is a big bore for me. The India Super Leage (ISL) is getting better day by day. 193 more words


User Persona's - Some Hints and Tips

User personas are there to help us design products for groups of people. They represent the users or customers of your product. This helps you think about how they would relate to what you’re building. 442 more words


Agile: the rules and the breaking

So I have been digging into Agile methods recently. Agile confronts the problems of software development, and throws every tradition (specifications, documentation, the fight against scope creep) on its head. 324 more words