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My Dog Can Do That....and So Much More

There is a common dream of many dog owners in the United States to put their dog out into the world to help others! It is a wonderful goal to have and pursue, whether it is to train  a SAR (search and rescue) dog, a bed-bug dog, or an Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy dog, all serve humanity with their special skills in their own unique ways.   439 more words

Dog Training

All in a name

As some of my more eagle eyed fans may have spotted, my url is poupertlamare.wordpress.com; Poupert La Mare?! I hear you cry! What sort of a name is that?! 163 more words

Favorite Video Friday - You cannot keep a Golden Retriever from food

I shared this week’s video on my Facebook page about a month or two ago. At that time, it had not been uploaded to YouTube, so I could not share it here (believe me! 63 more words

Dog Behavior

Hacia un Marketing Agil (3/3)

Con esta entrada finaliza la serie (primera parte aquí, y segunda aquí) viendo requisitos que se centran en el propio equipo y el soporte que debe recibir. 1,047 more words


L'agilité stratégique

J’interviens demain sur ce thème, auprès d’un groupe d’Executive MBA, spécialisé sur les opérations, la supply chain, la planification et l’analyse des systèmes.


Hacia un Marketing Ágil (2/3)

Tras la introducción realizada en la primera entrada de Hacia un Marketing Ágil, veamos ahora algunas de las adaptaciones culturales que supone su implantación. El primer grupo se refiere al entorno organizativo y la planificación: 1,125 more words


Just Keep Going

It has been a crazy few weeks so I’m sorry for the silence. Besides just being busier than I thought I would be in November, I’ve been feeling completely exhausted all the time. 398 more words

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