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Speed, Agility and Quickness – SAQ

(Video to be inserted regarding various SAQ drills)

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Within this blog, I will provide a theoretical presentation of theory linked to SAQ training specific to football; with a video blog attached demonstrating my interpretation of various SAQ exercises which can be linked to football. 1,003 more words

Dog Training

Today me and my dog went to do some more training. I have a clicker (a small box shaped thing that makes a clicky sound) and I have not used that for training in ages. 143 more words

Phase 3 of Cloud Underway?

To my mind – and I admit to perhaps being simplistic – there are so far three waves of Cloud adoption in Enterprises, with each wave advancing the use of technology to support increasing transformation. 697 more words


Rally Obedience, Lure Coursing, Conditioning And Agility - Whew, We've Been Busy

Ruby started his Rally Obedience class last week and really showed off for the instructor. He kept his excitement up for the whole hour without me lifting a finger for it except for releasing him every few minutes so his brain got a break. 654 more words

PetSafe Agility Bar Jump

Automatic petsafe pet doors are one of the safer options as they are not ordinary or normal pet doors. These pet doors work after detecting the pet by their matching collars. 372 more words

Susan’s Playlist April 14-17, 2014 ~ DragonLily (or the Dance of Agility and Mobility)

A week of dancing the DragonLily Dance of agility and mobility: I experienced some of the sweatiest classes in recent memory, some sore muscles in unexpected places, and of course, neon salmon pants. 408 more words

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Mastering Relationship Building

Common Building Relationships Challenge:

There are actually four challenges: 1) No matter how many relationships you have, you always need more.  2) When a relationship is needed but does not exist, it is usually too late to form it. 397 more words