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Forgot to post this the other day, but I have made a decision regarding the A-frame obstacle. I am not going to let Unto do it for a few more months, not until he’s built a little bit of muscle. 120 more words


Carpe Diem: the Elusive Nature of Time

It’s stolen, wasted, invested or gifted, but, one way or another, it keeps ticking by. People often ask me where i find the time to write: it’s simple, i find it by not spending it elsewhere. 209 more words


10 augusti

Jag kan inte låta bli att sakna sommaren och oändliga träningsmöjligheter.
Här var en sån där underbar dag. Ailie hägde med mig ut till bruks och Rusa drillades i agility. 86 more words


Ah yes, agility

Our first days welcoming Alegria III passed remarkably quickly as everyone participated in the scrub-down, some polishing, the transfer of goods from car to boat, and the christening of a new name with the application of the stern “Alegria III’ sticker. 370 more words

Making Your Own Workout? Don't Train "Muscles"

A predominant trait of many people’s workouts is that they are built around the concept of training specific muscles, and not training the functions of those muscles. 538 more words

Chris Wood

More More More

Lately Unto and I, we’ve been training agility diligently. On Saturday we had a two-hour training session with Johanna about contact obstacles. It was great! I felt like we learnt a lot during this short period of time, and now it’ll only be about us doing the job: repeating the contacts over and over. 225 more words


Eclectic Reflections: Culture, Agility, Technology, Authority and Equality

Today, some eclectic reflections on the realities of the Social Age

CULTURE: Culture is co-created through actions of individuals in the moment: it’s not aspirational or deterministic. 414 more words