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Some will wear purple

Reaching for the light.
Still blooming brighter than most.
Age, an illusion.


How Can You Miss Someone When They’re Not Even Gone?

I feel an apology is owed to my followers. No, I have not fallen off the planet, been abducted by aliens or taken a lover and moved to Capri. 718 more words

small waves to shore

small waves to shore
one quiet song after another
fades to silence

Memoirs In Poetry

Sleep, beautiful elusive sleep

Back in the old days just a few years ago I loved to sleep. Crawling into a comfy bed at night and relaxing my body felt so good.  415 more words



This is a favorite poem from 2013.  I’m sure many of you will remember, and I hope newer readers will like the poem too.

* * * 34 more words


Don't Call Me "Old Hag"


My colleague, May’s mother-in-law, even though she’s already eighty-five years old, however, because she’d kept up with her appearances regularly, she’d looked a whole lot younger.   357 more words



The decades have been kind to her.

Four years older than me, she looks four years younger.

But once we were kids.

Enjoying long summer days, playing leapfrog in Grandma’s little gardens till the sun made us sleepy. 101 more words

Family Memories