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Learn About The Skin Barrier

There is a lot of talk about skin these days, but does the average person ever really think about what is actually happening in the body’s largest organ? 365 more words

Healthy Skin

Fabfitfun Fall 2014- Fun in a Box!

Lately I have made a point of trying a few new things and treating myself to little things that are special. I have bought a few make-up items featured on YouTube videos, picked up a couple of new sweaters for fall, and signed up for a couple of subscription boxes. 1,119 more words

Mommy Preparedness

Fighting Mitochondrial Disease with Cell Fuel

As the body ages lots of different systems can begin to slow down making individuals feel tired and sluggish. Many people attribute this to the natural aging process, but the truth is that… 321 more words

Gratitude 20Oct14 Love + Me = Confusion

I am as confused about love lately as I am about algebra. I am looking at 2(3x – 7) + 4 (3 x + 2) = 6 (5 x + 9 ) + 3 the same way I am plucking a daisy saying “He loves me, he loves me not.” 126 more words

Strange Encounters

The moon was full. That has to be a factor in all this. The day started with an errand to Costco.

At Costco I could not find everything I was looking for, unbelievable but true! 385 more words

The best things about aging

Today I have pulled together the “best of” aging. Yes, there are some positive aspects of the process. Obviously not all of it is great but that is true of youth too. 489 more words


Secrets to Graceful Aging for Boats & The People Who Own Them

“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.”

                                                                                   – James Brown

At the age of 25 it occurred to me that some people age gracefully, while others do not. 362 more words