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My Elderly Mother Could Catch Up to Us


It’s really hard for me to describe my mother, I can only say, that she’s a symbol of strength, even though, she was from the older times,  but she’s independent, decisive, so totally different from the traditional Chinese women. 461 more words


It's three years and going!

Without readers there are no writers!

It’s been three years since I started this blog. Holy cow!

Blogging has been good to me in unforeseen ways. 380 more words


SoCS Saturday: AGE

This Saturday, Linda from her blog, “Linda G. Hill, Life in Progress,” asked us to write about age.  This request is part of our Stream of Consciousness Saturday which is open to everyone.  578 more words


And then there was light

A heavy dose of State Fair pronto pups and mini donuts were my goals for Friday when I’d originally asked to take the day off work. 741 more words

Baby Boomers

Burning the Bra - the Ash is still falling!

The ash of all those brassieres that were burnt by ladies wanting equality with men, is still falling to earth today!  I m one of the ladies who kept hold of the bra (white and made of good strong cotton – of course!)    What they inadvertantly… 762 more words

Daily Meander

What every woman really needs...

A garden of roses? That special look in his eyes? The longing? The wink of approval? Knowing that as you’ve grown older together, you can dress alike at an event right down to the matching shoulder straps and the all-in-white look? 122 more words

Aging Gracefully