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art on the walls
cards, and small gifts
from friends
I see them anew

* * *
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8 'old companies' minting new riches

You don’t have to take longshots on brand-new companies like Tesla (TSLA) and Facebook (FB) to make serious cash. There’s a nice handful of old-timer companies that are on a serious hot streak. 454 more words



I do this a lot.  I don’t have a perfect figure.  So, when I find something that I think fits me well and I like the way it looks, I buy some.  127 more words


Short poem of hope

This poem is for someone who is grieving on a holiday. I’ll be remembering many loved ones, including my parents.  Love keeps growing . . . 21 more words


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This poem was a gift. I remember the vase of flowers, and seeing the poem.

Mom was always right

So here’s the deal.

Mom used to tell me when I was a teenager that every year of life goes faster than the one before it. 243 more words

Family Memories

Bagel Power - Kablam

We’ve all experienced the wonder of bagels, whether it be plain as butter or completely complexioned – as far as bagel fillings go.

There were my younger days, when I would peruse the vast, white impersonal shopping centres with friends…..clinging onto an onion bagel for comfort. 549 more words


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The Art of Breakfast

There are two rules in my household.

1. You do not skip breakfast.

   2. You do NOT skip breakfast.

Michael Pollan once said, “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” to stress the significance of starting your day off correctly with a generous portion of food.

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