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My Mother-in-Law Sings, a Story of a Family


One time I’d turned on the television, and what I saw was very interesting, a woman, dressed plainly, sang the small tunes of Hakka, and had won the applause of the judges and the audience too, she’d won third place, it’d made me so very proud, because she is my mother-in-law. 388 more words


Forty-six and Feeling Fabulous?

Initially when I thought of the title for this blog, there was no question mark at the end. And in spite of my growing ambivalence about making a declarative statement, I had decided to keep the title: “Forty-six and Feeling Fabulous! 1,405 more words

Fighting Mitochondrial Disease with Cell Fuel

As the body ages lots of different systems can begin to slow down making individuals feel tired and sluggish. Many people attribute this to the natural aging process, but the truth is that… 321 more words

Negotiating Our Life Stages and Developmental Tasks

The above charts include the human developmental life-stage models of Eric Erikson, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Chris Cowen, Don Beck and Ken Wilber. Many others have constructed similar models that suggest that: (1) human experience involves a variety of developmental tasks; (2) that we encounter these developmental tasks in a series of life-stages; (3) that our developmental tasks and life-stages occur within difference domains of knowledge and dimensions of experience. 552 more words


art on the walls
cards, and small gifts
from friends
I see them anew

* * *
The image is courtesy of wpclipart.


8 'old companies' minting new riches

You don’t have to take longshots on brand-new companies like Tesla (TSLA) and Facebook (FB) to make serious cash. There’s a nice handful of old-timer companies that are on a serious hot streak. 454 more words



I do this a lot.  I don’t have a perfect figure.  So, when I find something that I think fits me well and I like the way it looks, I buy some.  127 more words