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Gratitude 19August14 Kiss Me, Please.

I can fake a lot of things. One thing I cannot fake is a kiss. There is either chemistry or there’s not. It’s a relationship deal breaker for me. 272 more words


we know
we have found
our home

when the same
sights touch
our hearts deeply
year after year

Queen Anne’s Lace
and warm August… 57 more words


Second Place

Jigs and I have been practicing on cantering between obstacles.  Today we managed to pick up the canter from a standstill with little effort. Two years ago I would never have imagined we could do that. 225 more words

Responsible Horse Ownership

With the Elongation of Life, Comes the Elongation of the Sufferings of Old Age

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Statistic Professor from Donghai University, Lin analyzed the data from the health institute of citizens and found, that people who are sixty have an extra twenty years to live, but, after age sixty, they only have nine year of health left, and for the remaining of that time, they may be bedridden with illness or lost their abilities to care for themselves. 411 more words


Extra! Extra!

Handmade Monday this post is NOT, although I did have some calligraphy adventures over the weekend. Maybe I’ll write more later. For now, I leave you with the following piece from one of my 2013 journals. 325 more words

The Simple Life

after many

after many
good conversations
one bird
sings the day
to sunset

* * *

The pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

* * *

So many generations in our lives now; and we keep their memories alive, as we create new memories.  12 more words


A One-Hundred-Three-Year-Old Man Graduated with a Master’s Degree

And this exemplifies the statement of “learning and growing until you die”, from the Newspapers, translated…

Liu who’d started going to university back when he was one-hundred years old, this year, with the age of 103, he’d graduated, as the oldest student, when he received his “master’s degree”, he not only showed off the fluency in Japanese he’d gained from his classes, and he’d also performed Tai-Chi on stage too, the mayor of Hsinbei City was so stunned, and called him the BEST example of aging right. 333 more words